MOALBOAL: Fifty Shades of Blue

“An adventure-filled life does not necessary mean climbing mountains, swimming with sharks, or jumping off cliffs. An adventure-filled life is better defined as risking yourself by leaving a little piece of you behind in all those you meet along the way.”

-Shawna Grapentin


Travelling and going out for adventures is an addiction. An addiction I can never say “no”. Probably that’s the reason that no matter what the circumstances are and who I am with, when somebody texts or calls to announce an out-of-town get-a-way, I can feel my blood circulating to every nerve I have.

I couldn’t remember how it started, but as long as I can recall, blue and black has been my favorite colors. And the more I look at the thin, salty sheet of waves mirrored by the intoxicating blue sky, I couldn’t help but fall in love over again with the blue color. Probably, this is the reason why a lot of beach babes, go crazy and never hesitate to come back to Basdaku beach of Moalboal. I am not a beach babe though. I do love to swim but this innate passion of mine to do extraordinary things other than just mere swimming keeps cracking into my soul – the reason Basdaku has never been part of my “Places to go” list. Moalboal has been part of my list but not because of the beach but because of the diving sites they have – Pescador Island to be specific. However, because of time constraints and money related glitches, it has been placed too far from my list of places to go. But something happened along the way. I can’t all it as a simple mistake but probably the thing they call “destiny”. A co-adventurous friend of mine suddenly sent me a message on a adventure activity at Tabuelan. Not having been there and keeping in mind that there’s a holiday (Eid al-Addha) on Monday, I immediately said a resounding “yes”. However, upon arrival at the meeting place, I was “G-shocked” to find out that our destination has been changed (the disadvantage of not being the organizer of the trip). I did not back out though. Why? First, I was already at the place. Second, I want to find out how good was the place that most people talked about during holidays and summer.


Upon arrival, one thing registered on my mind – it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. The fine, white sand, the varied shades of blue, the splendid cloud formation, and of course, the “obnoxious “company explained everything. Even though, there was no death-defying activity that we did, life made us realize that the standard of adventure does not literally mean risking once life, but making the best memories while it lasts.

1229957_4648132377795_5496447333395382710_n                10440698_4648071816281_5088261079343848359_n

Photo credit: Debbyshire Oplado and Rechel Labaya


  1. Nice! Moalboal has great dive sites, especially in Basdiot or Panagsama Beach. The only thing we don’t like about Moalboal is the imposition of dubious fees in Basdako Beach.

    When you enter the barangay where the beach belongs, there’s a checkpoint where tanods ask P5 per person. Is this legally allowed?

    Also, when you set camp in Panagsama Beach, certain people ask you for a fee. This is supposedly okay….except that: 1) the people asking for fees are in plain, ordinary clothes, which makes you wonder if they are really barangay officials or plain opportunists. They don’t have IDs too. 2) they don’t issue official receipts, and 3) there’s no indication or sign that there’s a camping fee in Basdako.

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    1. That’s the same rant my friend had when we went there. That’s why instead of passing through the main entrance of Bas Daku, we passed through a different resort which only asks for a donation. And it’s only few meters away from Bas Daku. 😁😁😁 Yes, it’s always been the dream to go scuba diving. Probably soon. 😊😊😊 Thanks for the info.


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