Happiness Overload at Happy World Museum and Lantaw Floating Restaurant


When you are really determined to do something and your heart and mind commit to really do it, the world will conspire to make it into a reality. It is as if fate is working on your side! And I believe that my company and I is the best example for this. After our wall climbing and wakeboarding activity at Papakits, we decided to proceed to our next destination – Happy World Museum at Cordova. I know, it is totally insane. Not only that Liloan and Cordova are two separate worlds, time was our greatest enemy at that time since we departed from Papakits past six already and Happy World will closed by nine. But when your intentions are pure, nothing is impossible.

We took a jeepney bound for SM and from there we took a v-hire in going to Cordova. Another hindrance that we encountered in going to the place is that we don’t exactly know where the place is located. Here’s to this epic failed travelers. :D Good thing, Sun Cellular offers free Internet and we were able to search where this place is located.

The museum is located at Gabi, Cordova. It was ten minutes before nine when we arrived at the place. We really planned to beg to the staff should they forbid us from entering the premises of the museum. Good thing, we no longer need to do such act for they still accept clients up until nine and they will close by nine thirty.

We wasted no time and immediately tour around and got pictures of the amazing paintings in the museum.

       10610750_10203164110796676_1286324726813811379_n      10388630_10203164130397166_2431567172728846895_n       1920364_10203164132237212_480738601943516552_n

It was totally overwhelming and magical on a place such as Happy World! And to end our epic half day travel, we decided to fill the longing of our stomach and go Lantaw Floating Restaurant.


November 16, 2014 is such an amazing date for the four of us. Not only that we were able to do fun adventures, we also witnessed great optical illusion arts, and fill our stomach with delicious foodies. Dopamine strike at its peak!


  1. Go to the place as early as possible. It would be better to marvel the paintings for a quite sometime.
  2. Bring camera with you. This is a must. HAHA :D (Obviously).
  3. Bring friends with you. Do not go there alone! Nobody will take pictures of you. :D
  4. Enjoy!
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