KASADYA SA SRP: Resfeber in the Queen City

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.” – Hunter S. Thompson


Perhaps one of the many reasons why I am deeply in love with adventure is because the initial concept of adventure is defined as mountain climbing, canyoneering, trekking, cliffjumping, ziplining, diving, spelunking and many other extreme adventures and sports – and these mentioned activities highly requires an intimate affair with natural environment which is not that visibly present in a highly urbanized city as Cebu. However, upon going to several destinations in and outside of my beloved province, I have come to realize that there’s more to adventure than the place itself and that any place can be an area for adventure depending on the level of anxiety and anticipation it can offer to the adventurer.


Last December 14, 2014, on its third year, Kasadya sa SRP once again opened its arms to those who crave for fun, food and adventure. With more rides, activities and food to choose from, it is of no wonder why more and more people flock on this once a separated island of Cebu – Kawit Island. On its third year, Kasadya sa SRP offers more ride to choose from in a reasonable amount ranging from P40 – P50.00 per ride. Some of the thrilling activities to choose from are as follows.

ONE: Galactic Ride – This is not as easy as it seems. Though this cylindrical ride looks boring at first, upon seeing how it goes up and down while turning, riders would really feel nauseous after the ride. This is one of the must-tries in Kasadya!



TWO: Roller Coaster – Though this is not as humungous as the renowned roller coasters in some parts of the Philippines, because of the ecstasy it gives to its riders, this is also one of the many rides you need to try. A gentle reminder: Prepare your voice box for screaming!

roller coaster

THREE: Pirates of the Caribbean – Swing all the way for this heart-racing ride. It’s not as scary as it seems however, as the boat rocks higher and higher, you need to prepare yourself to scream longer and louder. For me, this is the scariest ride ever. HAHAHA :D :D :D



FOUR: Wall of Death – if you could not contain riding on the mentioned activities, you can also enjoy the thrill of watching a motorcycle show held in Kasadya. If you are fond of watching motocross, then this one’s good for you!

wall of death

FIVE: Bump boat – Well, if you are as water engaging as I am, this boating ride could be the best one for you! Hop on, sailor. Prepare to deploy!

-> Click the link for the video of this ride! (https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10200137477196255)

Of course, Kasadya is not only for extreme adventurers. If we go back to its roots, carnival is for kids; thus, for those kids and young at heart, the following activities are also cool for you.

SIX: Cable Cars – If you want a much friendly version of zipline, then what are you waiting for? Try on this cable car ride!

960111_565344873543793_518970286_ncable car

SEVEN: Ferris Wheel – Everybody’s first love. Carnival wouldn’t be complete without a Ferris’ Wheel; so as, your Kasadya sa SRP wouldn’t be complete without riding this awesome ride. City lights will be much appreciated because of this activity.

ferriswheel2 ferriswheel

EIGHT: Carousel / Merry-go-round – It has been every kids dream to ride a horsy-horsy; however, since Cebu is not an arena for cowboys, this craving has been duly unsatisfied. But worry no more since this is offered in Kasadya sa SRP. With various carousel ride to choose from, everybody is up to be the next Woody! Hasta la Vista, baby.

merry go round

NINE: Fire Chief – The wheels of the bus go round and round, but the wheels of this fire truck don’t! Simply because it goes up and down and up and down! Kidding aside, this can be the answer to the wanting of every kid who’s dying to be a fireman.

TEN: Horror ride – Though it is not as scary as it sounds, this can also be great for those who want to laugh their stresses out and make fun with the ghosts and monsters.

horror ride



Upon going around, one might feel hungry. Worry no more, since Kasadya also has food stalls that sells popcorns, korniks, hotdogs, tempura, kwek-kwek, barbecue and many other street food. Should you really want to address the hunger that you feel, not that far from the venue is the Lantaw Seafood Restaurant. Bon appetit!

kasadya - food


Now, a carnival wouldn’t be a carnival without games. Thus, enjoy the great deals that has been made open not for gamblers but for people who want to take risks but still wants to enjoy. Should you also want to vent out your frustrations, feel free to go the corner where in a clown is waiting for you to hit him hard – not on with your fist but with an ice water!

It’s more fun in Kasadya sa SRP!

kasadya - firework kasadya - concert 10628024_758581734220105_276212159382722706_n 1546430_758581094220169_5132739010626931567_n


You might be wondering, is this all they can offer? Of course not! There’s more! If you want to hit on with the music, there’s a disco party happening every day at the said location. Aside from that, legal and authorized dealers of firecrackers are also selling there. In addition, free bus rides are also given to those people who want to hit on the road but does not have any means of transportation given that no PUJs are allowed enter the South Road Property premises. These buses can send you to Kasadya and also fetch you back. These buses loads passengers in Talisay, Mambaling and near the Senior Citizen’s Park at the back of the Cebu City Hall. They open from 4pm until 2:00am. So what are you waiting for? You no longer need to travel far. Walk around, try every ride and make the best of your city adventure while I’ll also be doing mine. Magsadya na kita bai!


Kasadya sa SRP Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kasadya-sa-SRP/205230806221870) (https://www.facebook.com/kasadyasaSRP2014)

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