Is this country still worth dying for?

“Aftermath of the wrath”  – Remnants of MV Eva Jocelyn after the catastrophic Yolanda devastation in Samar and Leyte

Years ago, this day marked a historic event in the lives of many Filipinos and influenced different perspectives of countrymen in different countries in the world. A significant event that showed the world that change can be achieved peacefully. Armed with candles and rosaries, Filipinos in different walks of life came together in order to put an end to a dictator who’s been reigning the country for more than what was necessary. However, aside from marking this day as a national holiday, does this still hold significance in the lives of today’s youth? Or this only provided a venue for many people to chill, relax and forget all those taxing responsibilities?

Years after EDSA Revolution, we now live in a society where many things do not work properly and the standards of performance for most people are set in a very low bar or no bars at all. No wonder, our productivity is as well low, and the levels of efficiency and ease which we do business is at the bottom half of the world table. This is more or less, of no progress in comparison to the state of the country way back when the former President Marcos was still holding the reigns of the government. The rate of poverty got worse, injustice is prevalent in every corner of the Promised Land. What makes it even agonizing is that people only cares when these societal issues are still scorching but this interest eventually fades and becomes irrelevant when a more intriguing issue on showbiz personalities comes up.

Years from now, we don’t know if another revolution may occur. We don’t know if it would as peaceful as it had been, given that the number of armed rebels are growing and that many officials are not rooted on their values and not suitable in the positions they are holding. We don’t know what will happen. However, as early as now, I believe we can do something. Since the work to put things in order and to make them work properly is huge, we cannot leave it to our politicians and those in government alone. Not because we have done our rights to vote, we will already leave them to do the things we set for them and complain when they fail or did not do what we expect of them. We need to keep in mind that though we were privileged to exercise our solemn rights, we also have to do its counterpart which is wholeheartedly doing our noble duties and responsibilities. Because at the end of the day, the finger we point at them for not doing properly the tasks given to the elected officials will bounce back to us for choosing them – and abstinence is not an excuse as well. We need not to look farther to correct the mistakes that has been done because the efficiency and quality of the work we are looking for starts by carrying out our duties in the places where we are expected to perform them, be it in our house, school and the community we live in as well. So that the generations that are to come, can still say that this country is still worth dying for.

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