Even before we could go to school, the question on what would one wants to become has never been out of the experience of every child. We all do have dreams; however, as one grows up and understands how society dictates and the world works, some of those childhood dreams fade into thin air. There are a lot of factors to consider in achieving those childhood dreams and probably that’s the reason why most of us sidetracked from our dreams and created a new road to which we think we can live up to our new dream. But not because we were not able to live up to those dreams we once had, we should give up already on them. This is one lesson that I will never ever forget from the iconic anime Naruto.

Naruto is an animated series of an orphaned ninja whose name appears as the title – Uzumaki Naruto. He grew up in an environment where his existence has been despised and unwelcomed however he didn’t sulk in frustration on what had happened into his life because he met friends that later on he considered as families. The story happened in a ninja village wherein children go to school primarily to learn the necessary skills in surviving life and in combating with rival ninjas.

I started watching the anime series when I was in Grade school. The age of characters at that time was of my own – probably the reason why I got fascinated with the anime series. I continued watching it till high school and college. Unlike the characters in the story, I aged. For some, my interest of such was unlikely, but I didn’t mind them. It’s my life after all. Since the filming of the animated series took so long, I started reading the manga version of the series which is way too far already from the anime. I should be very happy at that moment; however, just like mentioned awhile ago, I aged. I was no longer the carefree high school student or the fully-loaded college punk. I started working and the first and second year of my field was more than taxing that sometimes I wish I could go back to the times when homework and quizzes are the only ones that bring terror to my daily life. Everything changed. Though I already owned a private computer and an uninterrupted internet connection, I could no longer have the time to chill and fangirl over my favorite anime characters. Good thing, I have friends who constantly update me with the current happenings and brothers who kept on bugging to borrow the computer so that they can watch and update as well. Because of them, I have been updated with the current issues of the series. And just imagine my distress when my brothers announced that the anime that I have come to love will come to an end. I was totally alarmed. I was alarmed because for me this means also an end to a long term relationship with the characters I have come to love so well.

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I read the ending of the manga. I watched the movie which was presumed as the continuation. I was totally happy when I found out that the movie revolves around the love story of Naruto and Hinata – I have been rooting for them since time immemorial. When the movie came to its concluding part wherein the credits where shown I couldn’t help but feel sad. It’s ironic, indeed. I was happy because my favorite pairing ended up together but at the same time sad because it marks as the end of a long chaptered tale. I used to think that tragic stories are the ones that are painful to watch but upon watching the final movie of Naruto I have come to realize that sometimes happy endings can also give a depressing mood. I know that there will still be upcoming issues that are related to Naruto since the author is planning to make a different story on his children but their storyline – Naruto’s storyline will never be the same again. The series has been my childhood and I matured together with them; but just like the books that I have read, I need to flip the last page, close the book and re-imagine how it all started. It’s kind of depressing but I need to accept it. I need to move on because One Piece and Fairy tail have been updated already! HAHAHA :D Naruto might end but the struggles of the characters and the lessons I’ve learned from them will never fade away.

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To Masashi Kishimoto, thank you for making my childhood years productive and truly worth spending. My ninja skills, enthusiasm and faith on my dreams wouldn’t be made possible without you in the picture. Really, thanks.

To Naruto and Hinata, though you are just fictional characters made up by the prior recognized, I still hope your story can inspire more children to stand for what is right and to fight for the last, least and lost. May you also have a fruitful marriage. HAHA :D

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And to all of you fans out there, let’s now cry together! HAHA Kidding. May we spread the love and friendship that this story has taught us and continue living out the ways of a ninja!

Thanks for reading and I hope, you did not waste your time with this entry. Now if you find this interesting click the like button and start watching Naruto from the first episode and if not, still do the same. HAHA Thanks for reading and don’t forget to never stop believing in your dreams because as what Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”  But before that, let’s have ramen first. Bye!