CEBU: Where to go this Semestral Break?

semestral break

“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

After the exhausting first semester, it is but reasonable to reward yourself with a break by going somewhere where you won’t be reminded about the assignments, projects, thesis and case studies that cost you sleepless nights and emptied your pockets, as well as your brain juices. You deserve to relax, free yourself from the hassles of school (or work) life. You need to go somewhere; however, this leads you to the next question: Where can I go with my limited resources? Sure it’s awesome to travel and go to an adventure, but without school, you don’t also have allowance with you. Well, here are ten amazing places that you can visit in Cebu without spending too much!

  1. Samboan Waterfalls (Aguinid Falls, Dau Falls and Hidden Falls) – (P500.00)  samboan 3 samboan 2 samboan 1
  2. Kawasan Falls (P300.00) kawasan
  3. Sta. Fe, Bantayan (P500.00)  CAMERA
  4. Happy World Museum (P300.00) happy world
  5. Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon (P300.00) papakits
  6. City Tour: Taoist Temple, Cebu Zoo and Temple of Leah (P100.00) ceu zoo
  7. Adventure Café (P200.00) adventure cafe
  8. Oslob Whalewatching and Tumalog Falls (P800.00) oslob
  9. Osmeña Peak (P400.00) osmena peak
  10. Gilutongan Island (P200.00) golutongan

See? You don’t actually need to sulk in frustration. There’s more to Cebu than what you knew. Whatever you are going to do, remember always that what matters the most is that you treasure every moment and lessons that you’ll learn. Make it even more remembering with your friends or family members. Enjoy and have a fruitful Semestral Break! :) :) :)