If You Think Historical Dramas are Boring, You Probably Haven’t Watched ‘Mr. Queen’

I shouldn’t be writing about Mr. Queen. I’ve got tons of deadlines to beat and pending tasks to do. But I just couldn’t help but share the good vibes that this Kdrama made me feel all through the weekend. It’s too hilarious to keep.

Just like you, it was curiosity that led me to binge-watching all 20 episodes of Mr. Queen over the weekend. While the rest of the world was getting giddy (or sourgraping) about Valentine’s Day, there I was ROTFL. Believe me, Mr. Queen is not your regular, boring, overly-dragging historical drama.

Mr. Queen Synopsis

‘Mr. Queen’ tells about the gender-bending story of a Blue House chef from the present (Bong-hwan) who got into a comical accident and got his soul entrapped in the body of the Joseon-era Queen (Kim So Yong).

Okay, if you’ve watched the hit anime movie ‘Kimi No Nawa’ (Your Name) then this kind of plot wouldn’t be new to you. So would be the concept of time traveling (Hello, Scarlet Heart!). But time traveling plus gender-bending? Well, that’s where the fun begins.

Why Do I Recommend ‘Mr. Queen’?

If you’re tired of all the drama going around, then Mr. Queen will absolutely give you the laughs you’ve been missing the past year. (Why do I sound like an advertiser here?) If you’ve watched Waikiki, then you’ve probably seen how funny Kim Jung Hyun has been. Yes, that second lead from Crash Landing on You. Pair it with the feel-good character of Shin Hye-sun of Still 17, then you’re surely in for some good laughs.

The many epic faces of Mr. Queen

Aside from the comic relief that Mr. Queen offers, the supporting characters are also great with their roles. There’s the prince who’s in love with the royal concubine, the perfect chemistry of Court Lady Choi and Royal Chef Man-Bok, plus the usual conspirators of every historical Korean drama.


Another highlight of the series is the food prepared by the queen. Remember that Bong-hwan is a Blue House chef. While he may be trapped in the Queen’s body, his love for cooking didn’t fade through his transition. So, imagine the queen battling with the royal chef, proving that she’s way better at cooking than the kingdom’s beloved cook. You’ll never look at ramyeon and hamburger the way you look at them before after watching Mr. Queen.

Blue House Chef ruling over Joseon-era Royal Kitchen

Lessons from k-drama Mr. Queen

While Mr. Queen is primarily focused on providing laughs to the audience in these difficult times, it’s quite amazing how the story slowly unfolded some lessons that still hold true through time – from the Joseon era to the present:         

  • Lesson 1: Sometimes, we only get one chance. Therefore, you have to give your all.
  • Lesson 2: Everyone lives their lives differently. That’s why you should focus on your own pace, on your developments, and not let other people’s achievements be the standard of how you live your life.
  • Lesson 3: History goes on and things change. But conniving rats who engage in corruption always survive. Maybe a good world isn’t completely devoid of rotten parts. But this allows us to cut out such corrupt, rotten segments. If you keep trying to change your life for the better, you’ll bring about positive change to the world.

May you find your calm and ease your difficulties by watching Mr. Queen. We all deserve a break from all these mental struggles. Let us be a little kinder to ourselves. A 20-episode K-drama filled with misadventures and insane plot twists (and occasional ecchi moments) won’t hurt.

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