Costa Roca: How time flies – and how some things last forever

Costa Rica - How Time Flies and How Some Things Never Change

Our laughter dominated the pool area that late evening at Costa Roca Resort Club. We didn’t have any drinks but we literally looked like a bunch of crazies, playing word games and punishing each other by having to do some dives after losing the game. Since the pandemic, it was the loudest – at the same time most calming – night of my life.

This overnight stay at Costa Roca in Balamban, Cebu started as a joke. Like most working adults, my college barkada have been long trying to swing and dance around our busy schedules in hopes of finally meeting each other. Even before the pandemic, we always find this difficult to do given that some of us work on graveyard shifts, others have already settled down outside the city, and we all have our individual priorities and responsibilities to juggle around.

After several attempts, many raised their white flags in surrender. It was seemingly impossible to do, much more with the restrictions now. Through our group chat conversations, I ended up joking, “Atong pag-asa ragyud aning matapok kay kung nay kaslon. Galaw-galaw na mga friends.” (Our only hope right now is when one of us will get married. Who’s turn, is it?) And as if on cue, the most reserved member of the group replied: “Hello French Friends! Sending you all an invitation. Adto nya ta puhon2 maayong lawas.” And so, the planning began.

In our eagerness to celebrate Sundae’s wedding, we organized a simple bridal shower for our lovely bride. Despite the busy schedule of the couple, they granted us a little of their time to get to reconnect with them and send our well wishes as they start a new chapter of their lives.

The wedding took place a week after the bridal shower at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Balamban. From there, we proceeded to the reception at Costa Roca Resort Club (formerly known as Binghay Marine Park). To make the most of the out-of-town trip, we decided to stay overnight.

Our Overnight Experience at Costa Roca

I have to admit that up until now, I still find it difficult to fit in groups. Maybe it’s my introvert-self kicking in. Probably my oversensitivity. Or maybe because my group of friends have set such high standards of what it’s like to be around people who accepts you for who you are. As Jobert puts it in his interview: you will always be enough for the right audience.

Spending the night with Lixelle and the two Christines brought a lot of beautiful memories spent through our college lives. I felt ‘me’ once again. For a long time, I have always wondered how my life would turn our had I not entered into an exclusive school for girls. But talking with them  made me realized that there’s perfectly nothing wrong with me. My thoughts, decisions, and actions are all mine – and owning them do not make me less of a person. Not everyone will agree with my words and judgment, but that does not mean that they are any better or less. These differences make us human beings and our ability to see through and respect our diversity shows our uniqueness, our being human.

That night our conversations shifted from Kdrama to finances and personal traumas. Ten years ago, all we ever talk about were the researches given to us and the pastries on sale in Angelica Bakeshop at St. Patrick’s Square; now our discussions have centered to how our backs hurt (literally and figuratively) with all the loads that we have to carry.

We – because no matter how seemingly strong (and independent) we think we are, there’s just a certain amount of pain that we can tolerate. We need people to listen to our rants and relentless emotions before these eat us up.

And I thank the universe for people who still keeps up with my random messages. Those who read through my rants. Those who persistently listen to my complaints and unsolicited pieces of advice. Those who still take the time to read this blog. And those who are just there: fighting and going through life one day at a time. May we all continue sharing our light to others in these dark times. We only have each other. Until it’s our turn, let’s keep cheering for others.