Bantayan Island

“Palm trees. Ocean breeze. Salty air. Sun kissed hair. Endless summer. Let’s go to Bantayan Island!”

Want to go to Boracay but can’t afford or does not have the time and effort to go by plane and pump boat? Explore and marvel Bantayan Island, comrades!

It has always been a dream of mine to discover and explore all the hundred islands that composes Cebu. That’s the reason why when my friend and colleague shared that she and some common friends are going to Bantayan Island, I immediately volunteered to go with them.

On our way to Hagnaya, San Remegio via V-hire, I’ve read on a tarpaulin somewhere I could no longer remember the statement #CEBUkeepsmegoing. Throughout our trip, I keep on wondering why my province keeps me going. I have been to different places round south of my province touring around and going out for adventures but I still couldn’t find out the answer why Cebu keeps me going. This inquiry remained on my head until we’ve reached Sta. Fe, Bantayan where I think I found the answer.

Upon seeing the white sand beach, picturesque view, romantic kissing scene of the sea and sky, accommodating people, and package of tourist destination, my inquiry has finally be answered. Cebu keeps me going because the province is an all in one package. It is like it has been perfectly crafted for both adventurous and reflective people. It satisfies the craving for food, adventure, and tranquility. It is something worth spending and wandering for. It is what keeps me going. Cebu, alone, keeps me going already.




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Why Sta. Fe Beach Resort?

Aside from the fact that this is the resort which our host contacted, here are some things you can expect from the place:

  1. Accommodating staff.
  2. Cheap cottages and rooms.
  3. Sea view and super long range of white sands!
  4. You can check out but still use leave your things and even use the shower of the place!
  5. Free pick-up from the port and free entrance to Ogtong Cave!

The only drawback of the place is that they serve food at the same time you’re about to faint from hunger. This is because they only cook upon order. But their food is still good. J


  • Ogtong Cave
  • Virgin Island
  • Hilantagaan Island
  • Kinatarcan Island
  • Bantayan Proper
  • Old churches


  1. Go to North Bus Terminal.
  2. Ride a bus or V-hire bound to Hagnaya, San Remegio.
  3. Ride on a ship bound for Sta. Fe, Bantayan.
  4. Look for a resort to stay and articulate questions to reliable people around.


  • Bus/ V-hire fare – 00
  • Barge fare – P170.00
  • Accomodation (Sta. Fe Beach Resort) – P1,500.00 (room good for five persons)
  • Bike fee (rent for one whole day) – 00
  • Fare to Ogtong Cave – P50.00 (back and forth)
  • Island hopping (Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island) – P100.00/head

TOTAL EXPENSES: P1,190.00 (excluding food)



  1. Bring your own food and water to minimize expenses.
  2. Rent a bike for transportation and leisure purposes. If you don’t know how to bike, might as well learn on the place! :D
  3. Be friendly and talk with people around in order to know better the place and to get discounts as well.
  4. Look for the cheapest offer for island hopping. It is better you will make agreements with fishermen and not on resort staff for they offer lower prices.
  5. Prepare to eat fish, fish, fish and fish. Pork only comes to the island on Wednesdays and Sundays. And they are more expensive. J
  6. Be in groups to minimize expenses.
  7. If you are seven or more in a group, you can ride a ‘rent-a-car’ upon going home. The price is the same with bus fare, you can choose your own music, and jam with your company for the transportation is all yours.
  8. Land trip takes four to five hours while trip on seas takes one hour. Prepare something to listen to or read on upon going there so that you can have something to entertain you. Forget this advice if you have a very good company – they’ll make you sane through the trip.
  9. Check the weather.
  10. Enjoy, relax and prepare to get the tan you have been dreaming of! :)