Gilutongan Island

“Families are not limited through bloodlines. The linkage flows through brotherhood and friendship – something intangible and hard to recognize.”


I have never been to place where all people know each other and it is fine to eat appetizer on a neighboring house, main course in another house, dessert on a house blocks away, and cold drinks on a deserted place (all for free!). I’ve never been to a place where love and care emancipates from a simple housewife, toy vendor and drunkard. I’ve never been to place that no matter what you do, how clean you try to be, sand still sticks on your feet as you go to bed. I’ve never been able to find this place until I arrived at Gilutongan Island, Cordova.

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This very small island with at most 200 households is like a getaway place for those who want to feel the rush of the ocean and the essence of family around the people living in the island. Aside from the homey ambiance of the place, the location also holds fine white sand beaches worth staying with!

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I’ve only stayed for a night and two days in the place but I can attest that it has been one of the best getaways I had. And if time and financial assets allow, I’ll never hesitate to return to the place and pakals (eat a lot) again in all the household available. :D