Osmeña Peak

“There is nothing to fear except for fear itself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Normal is too mainstream; and mainstream is capital BORING. While most people would love to spend their semestral breaks on beaches, malls, cafes and parks, born with adventure in mind, I spent the remains of my happy and free days at Cebu’s highest peak – Osmeña Peak. I have been totally curious about the place since this has been always compared to the trek we had in Argao. In addition to that, I really felt the need to unravel the place since this has been part of my topic on the famous land forms in class. The place remained a mystery for quiet sometime. I had it resting at the back of my mind, hoping someday, someone would take courage to bring me to that place; and God didn’t fail me.

Craving for adventure, I already plotted my destinations for sembreak. And because I’m a freak, I wrote places which are seemingly impossible to go. By impossible, I mean places which requires a lot of money, time and planning – absolutely the requirements I didn’t have. :D Good thing, there are people who share the same sentiments with me. :) :) :)

Last October 29, my company (uncle, younger brother, cousin, colleagues, and some of my uncle’s colleagues) and I, decided that we need to broke up with the usual practice of staying at home or going out to malls on sembreaks. We took this single chance and drop of courage to test our limits, we went to Osmeña Peak and traversed to Badian.

We arrived at Dalaguete proper past four, and then rode a habal-habal (local rent-a-motorcycle) in going to Mantalongon, Dalaguete where Osmeña Peak was located. By the time we arrived at the place, it was already six. We set up our makeshift tent (made of trapal and PVC tubes) and ate our dinner. There were two other groups of campers who were with us and one of them is my co-adventurer (Debby and company). There was nothing scary about the place even if it’s too quiet and too dark. If there’s one thing traumatic is the fact that it’s too cold that one would need tons of jackets, socks and pants to survive!

In the morning, we climbed up to the highest peak hoping to take a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise but our hopes died when we realized after quite some time that the sun has already been shining brightly, but we just can’t see it because of the thick fog. After realizing such thought, we decided to proceed with our initial plan – traverse to Badian. Our guide was the thirteen year old Kineth. Yes, a kid. Most of their local guides there are kids. No worries, they are trustworthy. They know very well their place. The trek consisted of passing by hills, rocky roads, sloppy areas and muddy grounds. From time to time, we stopped and munched something in order to regain our strength. The journey took four hours and there were times that we thought of giving up; however, there was no return already.

Totally worn out, you can’t imagine what happiness it brought when the guide announced that it would already take five minutes to finish the trek! Awesome. Upon announcing the good news of our salvation, we sped up and raced. The level of our happiness reached its highest level when we saw already the intoxicatingly breathtaking Kawasan waterfalls. Anybody at that moment who would by chance see our faces would clearly see happiness glimmering in our tired and taxed faces. It was all worth it! At that moment, we discovered another achievement in our lives! Another milestone worth celebrating! :) :) :) Kampai!!!


P85.00 – P100.00 – Ceres bus fare

P100.00 – habal-habal fare

P100.00 – tour guide fee (per head)

P125.00 – bus fare in going back to city

Estimated total: P500.00



  • Go camping! Most people would go to the place by morning and traverse directly to Badian. Go for the road less travelled! :D
  • Start early to finish early.
  • Bring your own tent. I don’t recommend that you follow our footsteps of making our makeshift. But if you want to test your capacity of fighting coldness and experience total adventure, you may make your own makeshift tent.
  • Bring enough food and tons of water! It’s a must.
  • Wear thick socks. Just wear thick socks. You’ll be grateful to me after.
  • Be friendly to the townspeople.
  • Fight your desire to harvest vegetables, rootcrops, flowers, and fruits. I know it’s tempting. HAHA :D
  • If you feel like giving up, just look back on what you have accomplish and then continue moving forward.
  • Keep calm and enjoy! :) :) :)


2:00PM – ETD South Bus Terminal

4:00PM – ETA Dalaguete Proper

5:00PM – ETA Osmeña Peak via habal-habal

6:00PM – 6:00AM – camping

6:30AM – start of trek to Badian

12:00AM – arrival (Kawasan fourth floor)

12:00AM – 4:00PM – swimming, rafting, cliff jumping

4:00PM – ETD (back to city)

7:00PM – home sweet home :)

Take courage and explore Cebu! :) Next destination? Probably Mount Manunggal, Balamban Adventure camps, Mt. Kanlaon or Mt. Apo? HAHAHAHA :D :D :D Wishful thinking. See you in my next adventure! For now, back to school.