“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – A.A. Milne

 Wake up. Eat. Work. Go home. Sleep. Repeat till fade.

This has been the usual routine of most people these days – probably one of the reasons why the craving of doing something new intensifies when holidays and weekends come. The same goes for me and my comrades. Pressed with tons of documents to accomplish and taxed from the daily duties of becoming a mentor, dopamine really does strike when Saturdays and Sundays come.

Having been introduced to skimboarding and paddleboarding, it literally excites to know that Papakits opened Cebu’s First Wake Park that caters to wakeboarding, wakeskating and kneeboarding. As an adventurer, there has this been innate passion to always try out something new and test the limit thy body and consciousness. With this mindset, we set out and went to Papakits.

We arrived at the place by 3:00pm. Upon arrival, we saw a number of wakeboarders already hanging out at the place. We immediately inquired and our hearts totally sank when we found out that it has been fully booked already. Good thing the person in charge was very accommodating. He gave us two options: do the activity for 30 minutes or come back on some other days. It took us a while before we decided on what to do. Although it is a little risky, we agreed to grab that 30 minute experience just to find out why a lot of people have been hooked to this activity. Since the last set of client booked will end their activity by 5pm, we decided to try other adventures that can be experienced on the area.

At first look, it seemed easy. But you’ll never know what this 40 feet tall wall can offer. Since most of us has experienced ziplining, horseback riding, bridge-crossing, we agreed to take the wall climbing challenge. The staff of this area gives free zipline ride for those who can reach the buzzer on top, which makes the activity more exciting. Free zipline? Who wouldn’t want that? With that idea on mind, we dared and accepted the challenge.



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Each one is given three tries to climb the wall. At first, it seemed easy, however, as you go up, your hands get too sweaty making it hard to grab and hold the stepping stones. Another setback is that we were not wearing the proper climbing attire and the stones were placed too far from each other making it utterly impossible to reach out and step on. Basically, this activity enhances hand and eye coordination, balance and strength on the upper and lower extremities. This also improves breathing and patience.

On our third try, we somehow already accepted the fact that the dream free zipline is impossible. Totally impossible by that moment. However, this will not hold us back; rather, this would fuel us to exercise more and strengthen our muscles so that when we come back, we will have that free zipline! :D

By 4:50pm, we already trekked back to the wakepark to prepare for our second adventure – wakeboarding! Compared to wall climbing, this activity enhances balance, strength on the upper extremities and hamstring, and lengthens patience.

How does this work?

One needs to wear the wakeboard, be in a squatting position (for beginners) and hold firmly the handle which will drag you to where you should be lead to (Did I say it right? HAHA. Jargoons. Help.). This might seem so easy but the truth behind this alluring activity is that balancing on the water is totally difficult. But what makes it amazing is that you never get tired of trying especially if you’ll see the performance of the thirteen year old wakeboarder – Raffy –  who can do a lot of stunts and flying at his age. It makes you crave more and try it again.

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Why Cebu Wake Park?

  1. Friendly and Very Accommodating Staff

Probably one of perks of being the last costumers is that you get to enjoy the great company of the people behind the activity. We got the chance to bond and jam with Helmot, George, Raffy, and some other whom I can no longer recall (apologies). They were so accommodating and are totally of great aid for beginners like us. If I were to rate, and without exaggeration, I’d give them a perfect 10. (Shouldn’t I receive a free wakeboarding hour for that? HAHA)

  1. Professional Coaches

Looks can be deceiving. Indeed. Though their coaches don’t look like the overrated strict and stern ones, their coaches are totally reliable. They give you the best assistance and tips – not to mention their boundless perseverance of assisting clients and bottomless smiles. J

  1. Inclusion of Basic Equipment and Gears

Though the water is only three to four feet high, they really insist of letting you wear a vest and helmet in order to do away from any harm that may occur – which is totally sensible. Aside from this, you can be assured that their wakeboarding equipment has been maintained well by the staff. They are also selling wakeboarding stuff (from attire to necessary materials needed) that you can purchase should you want to further enhance or learn this watersport activity.

  1. Vibrant and uplifting Music.

What makes the place cozier, aside from the people, is the music that they play on the area. Not only that the music played is cool, it also gives out an ambiance of endless fun under the sun even if it’s already dark. :D (Thumbs up to that!)

Cebu Wake Park About:

The water arena is located at Papakits, Silot bay, Liloan, Cebu and is open from 9am – 6pm (weekdays) and 8am – 6pm (weekends). For inquiries, call or text 09064458491 or email

To know more about this adventure park, feel free to check their Facebook account (, website ( ( , and twitter account (@cebuwakepark)


1:30pm  – ETD bound for Liloan

3:00pm – ETA Papakits

3:00 – 4:50pm – Wall climbing

5:00 – 6:00pm – Wakeboarding

6:30 – ETD bound for SM

Although we only stayed at Papakits for approximately four hours, that time spent is one of the moment we will always look back and smile at. Muscle pain and cramps might have been felt the day after this strenuous activities, but there were no regrets. The pain is worth it all!

What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? Visit the place and experience something very different from your daily routine!