Temple of Leah | Adventure Cafe

God’s plans are always better than ours, so worry not when your plans fail because there’s always something better that is to come.”

Adventure comes to those who wait – this is what I have come to prove upon our joyride last December 20. After our Dukap Christmas Party (Community Involvement Program / Enrichment Program) with the tutees in Redemptorist, one of our colleagues, Mme. Mary Gel, invited us for a freezing joyride in Busay. Being the adventurer (or should I say laagan?) that I am, together with my other colleagues, we accepted the invitation without hesitation.


Our first stop was the memorial temple of the late Leah Adarna (grandmother of Elen Adarna) located near Lantaw restaurant in Busay. At first glance, anybody who’d by chance go there would totally feel that he or she is not in the Philippines. This is because the temple is Greek/Roman inspired though it is still in the boundaries of Cebu City. The story behind this temple is much alike to the Taj Mahal in India. This has been made in memory of the loving and genteel wife of Teodorico Adarna. The temple, though far from completion yet, exhibits a huge collection of Greek statues, books and sculptures. As of the moment, construction is still going on and no entrance fee has been collected yet.

After the overwhelming and breathtaking tour around the unfinished landmark, we then proceeded to our next destination – Adventure Café in Balamban. We had our experience of inter-islet zipline in Medellin, we decided to take the inter-mountain zipline in Adventure Café. This is the first café and adventure combined together in Cebu. The experience is worth it although a little terrifying (but not as terrifying as cliffjumping…hehehe). Ziplining is available for only P150.00 – that’s back and forth!

(Video on the zipline can be watched here: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1032386250120714&set=vb.100000480471764&type=2&theater and https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1032400633452609&set=vb.100000480471764&type=2&theater )

Before we went back to the city, we stop for a while to eat buy some foodies and plant. This activity wouldn’t be made possible without the help of the Sungahid Family.

We actually planned this activity long time ago however, because of time constraints and unavailability of transportation, we were not able to push-through with this activity; but in God’s perfect time, everything was made possible. What even made it more exciting is the fact that the ride was for free!!!! Awesome! Indeed, we should not worry that much if our plans failed because God always prepare something better and more exciting than what has been formerly planned. Just believe! That’s the essence of Christmas, right? That the son of God has come for our salvation. And indeed he did! Merry Christmas you all!

Photo credit: Badeth | Teryang | Ivah | Grethel | Christy | Delia