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Cebu Mountain Tour: Traveling with Family in the ‘New Normal’ (UPDATED Rates and Protocols 2021)

Cebu Mountain Tour is actually a popular choice among those who fancy mountain adventures. Thanks to Cebu’s unique topography, going to its highlands will only take a few minutes from the city proper. This is the reason why bikers and motorcycle riding clubs frequent these places – accessibility, astounding vista, and gentle mountain breeze.

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How to Survive a Solo Trip to Zamboanga, Tawi-tawi, and Basilan with a 4K BUDGET

My Mindanao trip was more than amazing because of the warmth that you extended. You made me realize that this will never be called a solo backpacking trip because I was never alone. Wherever I go, good Samaritans are always present. This blog post would never be enough to show how I greatly appreciated your hospitality and for changing my views about your magnificent place. Surely, there’s more to life than what mainstream media shows.