Why your boyfriend should bring you in the Ilocos Region?

I don’t think happiness is valid not unless you really feel it roaring in your chest. – Memoirs of a Geisha


If you can’t fund a travel to the City of love or Eternal City because it’s too expensive or can’t fit in your schedule, worry no more. There’s a place where you and your lovey-dovey can actually experience an amazing treat for your anniversary, monthsary or whatever celebration you have. You can just book a ticket to Manila and cuddle each other for hours to the Ilocos Region. And so you might ask, why should my boyfriend bring you there?

  1. You can practice your wedding vows. (Sta. Monica, Paoay Church, Sinking Bell Tower and Bantayan Bell Tower) 11209540_10204259112731040_545767394418811949_n11209601_10204259175332605_6004632499186873861_n
  2. And plan ahead for your honeymoon adventures. (Sandboarding and 4×4 ride in Paoay Sand dunes, White Sand Rock Formation and Patapat Viaduct) 1512807_10200396238465032_7953068629997830149_n11193385_10200396287546259_6245882405207448695_n11205502_10200396287946269_6456259255261118506_n11173394_10200396228824791_8427782118771550964_n11207302_10200396286226226_361337169399283006_n
  3. See the bigger picture of the world that waits for you. (Cape Bojeador)  11178290_10200396286466232_2504177703930787036_n
  4. Drench into the cool waters of the “Boracay of the North”. (Hannah’s Resort) 11110221_10200396226904743_786187644804429309_n
  5. And freshen up with the towering windmills. (Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud Windmills) windmill
  6. Be amazed with the huge collection of animals (Baluarte ni Chavit). 10982883_10204371743986751_1402790508634236221_n549221_10204371785467788_4806355148327851700_nbaluartebaluarte2
  7. And plants (Hidden Garden). 11202069_10204371697785596_1338350539712039080_ngarden
  8. Take a picture of the future that awaits for both of you (Malacanang of the North, Vigan Pottery House, Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center) 11188404_10200396277105998_1221094956106874946_n11150768_10204259115051098_1542139156728115076_n19714_10200396269185800_5348494669182596911_n11136235_10204215750447010_5030341455769698067_o
  9. Hold hands and walk on the streets of the Seventh New Wonder City (Calle Crisologo). 11010296_10200396243905168_3631963829386215150_n10731076_10204372019673643_874236456713842070_n
  10. Propose at the Heritage Park with the Dancing Fountain at the background11071048_10204371938511614_8600543328637120224_n

See? There’s a ton of activities that both of you can actually do on the Northwestern part of the country. Back your bags then and drag that boyfriend of yours and get the adventure both of you truly deserves! Best wishes!