MOVIE GUIDE: How I spent my Sunday with Studio Ghibli

It’s raining hard and the wind seemed quite scary. We don’t have TV for the moment and all my books are at work. I can’t sleep as well because my brothers are really noisy on discussing about matters of much importance like DotA and Clash of Clans. If this had been one of the weekends during summer when the weather is very good for hiking, biking or trekking, I would have been out with some colleagues and doing outrageous things, as what others label it. But there’s a typhoon. People are busy packing for their things, just in case worse comes to worst. Our neighbor is busy tuning up his radio and choosing among the records of Beatles and Queen, trying to figure out what to play after Bon Jovi as if the legend could hush away the storm. To cut it short, I was too bored. Too bored and lazy in fact to change my pajamas and take a bath. It’s cold, you know.

I was convinced already that this day would be very unproductive when I came upon my long list of movie downloads. It was only then that I remembered all the compiled anime movies. I totally couldn’t explain how it started. I just found myself scanning along the wide array of accumulated media and wosh! I was already back on my bed with sunflower seeds to eat and ready for a marathon.

  1. Doraemon: Stand by Me stand by me

How do we say goodbye to someone who made our childhood extraordinary and superbly amazing? That‘s a question I can’t stop myself from asking after watching this movie. It’s actually a collection of some of Doraemon series episodes wrapped into one and then rigorously edited and crafted to make one of the best movies ever. We all have this attachment to things that we dearly love and bidding goodbye to them leaves us nothing but a hollow space in our hearts. But just like how the older version of Nobita said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone that ‘Doraemon was just a childhood friend he had’, I couldn’t help but think that probably we all grow to the pain that we are feeling. Sure, it hurts to be left behind by the people we dearly love; however, we know for a fact that everything we have here is passing. But what makes each of our existence comparably better is that there is a thing called memory. And no matter what kind of person we will become one of these days, we will always have something to look back on when we are in troubled, depressed or bored. We will be able to move forward, but we will never forget the people, things and events that shaped us to who we currently are.

  1. Children who chased lost voices from the deep. children-who-chase-lost-voices-from-deep-below-522974e868334

Have you ever experienced asking yourself on what’s your real purpose in this life? I have. Many times for that matter. But just like how Asuna (the protagonist of the story), I can’t answer it as well. There are moments when I was so certain on what I am doing then just a little convincing powers from the environment, I halt back. There are also certain moments when I am uncertain and then things get a little interesting and the results become overpowering. But when do we really know that we are doing what is our purpose? When we listen. Most of us are too drawn to the superficial things we have that we forget one of the most important things – that is to listen.

  1. Wolf Children wolf3

Love is beyond the superficial. I am usually teased by my colleagues on my fascination over Ed Sheeran and Benedict Cumberbatch, but I don’t care. They say I’m weird because I don’t do things that are ideally done by girls of my age, but who cares? I like Ed Sheeran not because of his face value. So as Benedict Cumberbatch. What’s wrong with people these days is that we content ourselves with what’s only visible to our eyes. We don’t look beyond. This is what this movie made me realize. When we love a person, it is not because she’s sexy, beautiful, good looking, smells good or cool. We need to go beyond because what makes a relationship long lasting and worth fighting is the feeling, not the face. Soon enough, we will all grow old, but not our feelings – it will keep the memories young and sugarcoat life’s bitterness.

  1. My Neighbor Totoro my-neighbor-totoro-hayao-miyazaki

When I was about to die, I realized I didn’t live at all. This was a line from one of the poems I have read online and a realization on this movie. Most of us are too engrossed on making life fastforward. We are so much in a hurry to grow up that we forgot to live the present. We have set our minds to the future when in fact nobody knows if we are still breathing at that perceived moment. This movie made me realized that we should not let go of the child within us. We need to play, dream, say what we really mean, smile, and laugh in every opportunity we have. We don’t need to give up on our imaginations. Come to think of it, it makes life a little bit less frustrating.

  1. Spirited Away download

Life’s deceiving. What we perceive as safe can actually be harmful. Those who whom we call friends can actually be wolves in sheep’s clothing. That’s why we need to establish trust and choose only those who deserve it. We should not subject our decisions on what our eyes can see because we might end up like Haku. Wait, Haku’s fine. Except that he’s a monster. But he doesn’t look like a monster. He’s fine. He’s a monster. Urrgggh. Just watch it and see for yourself.

  1. Ponyo: By the Cliff ponyo-on-the-cliff-by-the-sea-6

What are you willing to give up for your friends? A bullet? A grenade? Your family? Well, when you love and totally trust them, probably everything. It will depend on the attachment that we feel, of course. But believe me, you will never know how much until a faithful event will confront you. You don’t actually need a lot of friends. Choose only those who are willing to reciprocate your feelings because in the end, only those who love you will matter.

  1. Kiki’s Special Delivery kiki

I’m a big fan of tsunderes – those tough girls who then develop unusual feelings towards the guy. Yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic, crazy like that. This movie is actually about having a big heart towards giving service to others and giving these services even without anything in return. But I couldn’t keep my eyes on Kiki and the cute boy whose name I can no longer recall. Yeah, I’m a hopeless case, as well, when it comes to remembering details. But if you are into a humorous witchcraft story about perseverance, this movie’s for you.

  1. A Letter to Momo 1c4fb0fde8104c4f8d893d402f2f58d5

I am a hugely addicted to cliffjumping. This movie is not about cliffjumping though, but the kids in the island where Momo transferred are also crazy about jumping from bridges and making acrobatic stunts before diving. This is one of my favorite movies. This is the journey of a mother and a daughter who just lost their beloved guy (husband and dad) in an accident. Both of them venture into the moving on stage with the help of guardians who more likely looked like monsters than helpful assistants. The story is quite dragging but through the end, the adventure starts. And that is where the drama begins to unfold as well making anybody watching soak to tears.

My eyes sore now from watching all of these, but I’ve got no regrets. What I thought to be a boring and useless day came out to be very productive. It’s not as productive as others see it, but productive in a way that I came to realize a lot of things in life. Which reminded me that I still have a lot of things to do and to submit tomorrow. Gaja. See you and thanks for reading this. I hope you did not waste your time. HAHA :D :D :D

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