How to roll in Danasan Eco Park

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You only live once (c) Chasing Potatoes

This generation is crazy over YOLO moments or the You-Live-Only-Oncemight-as-well-do-it-or-die-regretting way of thinking. And I am of no difference. Well, not totally of course. If you have been following my previous adventures, I am but a sucker of near death experience adventures such as cliffjumping, rockclimbing, sandboarding, trekking, spelunking, and the list goes on. So when a minion named Reema in class kept bragging on her family’s adventure in Danasan Ecopark – most specially when she mentioned about Skydrop which is more or less similar to Dropzone of Dahilayan in Bukinon, only that it’s shorter in height – the spark for trying something new has been fueled again. Come to think of it, it has been two months since I have been out to do something worth remembering.


From Cebu, Danao is approximately one and a half to two hours drive (private) or more (commute). Then another half an hour to an hour from Danao proper to  Barangay Danasan where the ecopark is located. Though it is quite a long way, you will never get bored since your eyes will be feasting over the very good view of the mountain ranges as well as the river and semi-waterfalls that can be found on the way.

What to do in Danasan Ecopark?

  • Waterfalls Trekking (3 levels), Rapelling and Tyrolean

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  • Wakeboarding


  • ATV ride and 6×6 ride

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  • Skybike


  • Rope Course, Hanging Bridge and Rapelling

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There were actually a good number of adventures to try on, however, since we were able to try most of them on our previous adventures, we settled for Skydrop and Waterfalls trekking. As much as we wanted to try as well rapelling and tyrolean, we were not allowed to do them by the information area since the current was to strong and might be dangerous for us.

Favorite Part of the Trip

As an adventurer, I’d go for Skydrop of course! It’s that split second moment of your life wherein you’d really feel that there’s nothing supporting you and that you are fairly aware that you are totally not breathing! Hah! I could still remember how I gasped for air when the wires started swinging us like pendulum. See this video to find out why!

We were quite sad because we were not able to try tyrolean but we eventually got ourselves back when Carla invited us to go to her house for a small celebration of her birthday. The food was of course the majority’s choice!


  • Cebu – Danao –P25.00
  • Danao – Danasan (via habal2x) – P100.00
  • Danasan Entrance Fee – P50.00
  • Skydrop – P380.00
  • Waterfalls trek – P380.00 (P760.00 – if tyrolean and rapelling is included)


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See you on trails!