CHECKLIST: What to do in the Queen City of the South

The “Queen” has always been one of the most favorite pieces of every chess player. Why not? Aside from its capacity to trap and attack enemies, it is strikingly known for its willingness to submit itself in order to pave way for the king, and as well as for the other pieces of the game. Probably, this is the reason why even after its triumph in economy, education, politics, and infrastructures, the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu remains as a sweet and humble dwelling for locales and foreigners.

More than its capacity to host big events just like the capital, Manila, Cebu is best known for its ecotourism and historic sites. Here’s a list of the awesome things to experience upon visiting the “Queen City of the South”.

  1. Swimming with whalesharks at Oslob!

Four hours away from the city, you can already experience meeting face to face the “friendly giants” of Cebu. These whalesharks stay near the fishing boats for feeding from 8:00 in the morning until 12:00 noon.

1 - whaleshark - oslob

  1. Chasing Waterfalls at Samboan

The municipality of Samboan houses not only one, not only two, not only three but six amazing waterfalls! What makes it more than amazing is that three of these waterfalls are located in less than five minutes from the highway and are of close proximity from each other!

2 - samboan 2.2 - samboan

  1. Snorkeling and Free Diving at Pescador Island

Pescador island is an isolated island located few kilometers away from the white sands of Moalboal. This is a famous diving site for those who want to swim together with school of sardines! Aside from that, you can also get to have a close encounter with seaturtles, dolphins, whales and sharks!

3 - pescador island

  1. Traverse from Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls, Badian

For those who want a different level of hiking, you can try hiking Cebu’s highest peak – the Osmena Peak. This was named after the “Great old man” of Cebu, Sergio Osmena. From this peak, you can take the four to five hours trekking towards the famous three levels waterfalls of Kawasan in Badian. A perfect cool down after the long and tiring journey!

4 - osmena peak

  1. Visit the Historic Sites

Aside from the ecotourism spots of the province, Cebu is well known as one of the cradle of society in the country. Just within the city, you can already take a step on the oldest street in the country (Colon Street), the first baptism site (Magellan’s Cross), Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino, Taost Temple, Fort San Pedro, and many others!

5 - historic

  1. Basking on White Sand Beaches and Islandhopping

If you’re aiming to get that perfect tan you have been dreaming about, it is but time to visit the different beaches in Cebu whose sands come in different colors – from white to brown to black! Most of the famous beaches include Bantayan island, Malapascua island, San Remegio, Alcoy, and many more!

6 - beaches

  1. Canyoneering from Alegria to Badian

Sure it is scary to fall from the top of your stairs; but just imagine jumping from a 40 feet cliff and doing it seven times. Scary right? This is what the canyoneering activity from Alegria to Badian offers to those who are thrill seeking and adventure lovers. Something out of the mainstream and totally banning away boredome!

7 - canyoneering

  1. Defy gravity with Cliffjumping at Funtastic Island and Skydrop at Danasan Ecopark

If you are the type of person who’s longing to feel your heart beating like crazy, probably cliffjumpng and skydrop is the best for you. One of Cebu’s island in Medellin offers a very good cliffjumping site with a height of 50 feet from the ground – Funtastic Island. If you find it too easy, maybe Danasan Ecopark will entice you with its 120 feet Skydrop activity. It is so high that you would forget to scream upon release!

8 - skydrop

  1. Food hunting.

Once you are in Cebu, you should never miss the amazing dishes and cuisine the place has to offer! You have to try the famous “hanging rice” or puso, the believed to be aphrodisiac “lansiao”, and brain of pigs “tuslobuwa”.

9 - food

  1. Celebrating the “Mother of All Festivals”

The best time to visit Cebu is the third week of the first month of the year because the whole province will be celebrating the renowned “Sinulog”. This famous festival is a tribute to the child Jesus. With this, people gather in the city to witness the fluvial procession, street dancing, nine-day novena mass, and party with the rest of the locales!

10 - festival

With all these activities available for tourists and locales to do, isn’t it but fitting for the place to be called as the “Queen City of the South”? Not only that it promises a whole new experience to people who will visit the place, but most importantly, it allows people to be at home with the simple environment of the area – a treatment only a queen can give.