The wind that blew her hair that Sunday afternoon caused her once neatly-fixed hair looked like it has never been combed at all. Her sweat has been dripping for quiet sometime caused by that late afternoon heat but she didn’t care at all. The gentle breeze that brushed through her sun-kissed skin and the euphoria brought by the magnificent sight behold in front of her was indeed worth all the struggles of hanging through cliffs, trekking down the slippery trails and drenching into the rushing waters of the rivers and falls. The tranquility over the place and the sweet scenery of the warm embrace of the luscious green mountains to the surrounding calm waters of the island was achingly marvelous. Too marvelous that she felt like crying her heart out.


Why can’t people see that there’s more to life than just hovering over their gadgets all day?


Why can’t people see that just a few distances from the busy life they have, is a peaceful place for those who are in doubt?


Why can’t people see the importance of keeping the gifts of God as great as it has been?


Why can’t people see that they don’t have to spend so much to find happiness?


Why do we have to spoil it with consumerism?


Sure it’s good to leave a legacy behind, but why include destruction?


Why can’t progress and care for the integrity of creation work hand in hand?



Her thoughts were filled with inquiries that dried up all her juices. Probably she’s overthinking. But she couldn’t help but think that if people were as eager as they have been in looking for that minute Celosia flower farm and in becoming responsible stewards of God’s creation, we could have lessen the destruction, disasters and disruptions we were experiencing right now.