Poetry: If I were…

Samal Island, Davao (c) dakilanglaagan

 “We are just kids who grew up way too fast.” – The Cab

Did you ever tried losing something and in the process of looking for that missing item you found something that has been lost for a long time? Last Saturday, June 18, I just did.

I haven’t been quite myself for these past few weeks. For one, I’m adjusting to the new schedule and new assignments given to me; two, I’m adjusting with new colleagues, and somehow reminiscing the days I had with my friends – confidante who have decided to leave the company; and lastly, I have been itching to go out for an adventure, but due to financial and time constraints, I can’t. I’m trying to find the usual, old me…but no matter how I try, I just can’t.

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Then the seminar on poetry happened last Saturday. I was busy browsing the Internet when a colleague invited me to their seminar. I was hesitant at first; at the back of my mind, I was thinking that it would just be another boring, tiring, highfalutin seminar. But curiosity killed the cat. I joined them. The speaker was in the middle of her talk regarding the use of prompts in poem making. Before she continued with the next topic, she asked the audience this question:

What do want to become when you grow up?   I could picture my four year old self imagining something very far from what I’m doing right now – very far from spending weekends by squeezing juices from my dried up brain, at the same time dealing with people who seemingly has ten entities packed up in a single body. Aging has taught me how to be “mature” and to conform to how society works. And with this thing that they call as “growing up”, I slowly forgot my childhood dreams and started “to think” the way “mature” people do – do things in accordance to what makes the other people happy, what other people approved.

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Everything has become a routine; doing things even with eyes closed: wake up, prepare for work, deal with people with individual differences, evaluate documents, receive additional (and sometimes unimportant) tasks, go home, sleep, and repeat cycle till fade. It’s like a song you got LSS to, but this time, no matter how hard you try to deviate from it; you can no longer avoid it. The routine has become a part of my system, eating me up that I no longer know how to handle things if they don’t function according to how they were patterned. Eventually, after years, I forgot what I used to dream. I lost that dream I so dearly hold in my heart.

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Of course, I didn’t share this to the body. Yes, I do have stage frights, even if I’m not on stage. WAHAHAHA. The speaker continued with the next topic – poem prompts completion. She asked us to write on the spot, without thinking too much, without relegating to society what we feel inside. I came up with this:


If I were a shoe

I would love to test my limits everyday

Sometimes I would go through paths left without trails

Because I love challenges and taking the road less traveled

My bestfriend would be a trek pole

and we would journey every day

Every adventure time, I would be happy

because if I were a shoe,

I could go anywhere life will bring me to.


                The sharing followed, some of the members of the congress shared, but I stared blankly at my piece. Writing poems with the use of prompts is so childish… so basic. But this simple activity reminded me something about my four year old self – that I once wanted to become a writer, a poet, a storyteller. This had been a dream that has been forgotten, dumped into the corner, treated as it has not existed at all until that sudden moment of rediscovery.

What I thought to be long forgotten has been resting at the subconscious part of my head, waiting to acknowledged for the worth it once had in my life. It didn’t die after all. It has been with me, will always be – waiting until the universe will conspire, and finally put into realization what my heart secretly yearns, even if it’ll be against all odds. Probably, we are indeed just kids who grew up way too fast.

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I hope you’ve found yours, and remembered what it once meant to you. You can start by filling out these prompts used during our seminar. Have a good day and may you find your own collection of lost things, hopes, and dreams. Let us not let the kid inside us die. May you find yourself, finally. :) :) :)


If I were ________________________

I would love ________________________

Sometimes ____________________________________

Because ______________________________________

My bestfriend would be __________________________

and we will ____________ every day

Every _________ time, I would be happy

because if I were _____________,

I could _________________________________________.




  1. You know what I think? You’re one of those writers who writes based from the prompts of the substance. Your poem is lovely, interesting and it speaks a bunch about your adventurous soul. I am seeing you publishing one book that will help other people get out of their shells and be an inspiration to others as well. It’s like a sin every time you published one article and I don’t read it. I find myself guilty of that. Keep writing, I’m your greatest fan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing as always! I really love your ideas. I tried copy pasting the poem pero DMD, I am not poetic. Will surely comment it once done, very very soon! Thanks for this. Kahinumdum kos struggles sa pagkabata and makainspire. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should. It’s kinda stress-relieving (if you don’t have anything else to do, or when you are bombarded with a lot of things to do and would want to have an outlet for your frustrations). Thanks for dropping by! :)


  3. Beautifully written. I have so much to say but right now I’m just lost for words. Yes, we do have a lot of dreams when we were kids but somehow as we grow up we make more room for practical decisions, and these dreams are forgotten. But they shouldn’t be. Because these dreams are the ones that make us human, these dreams ultimately lead to our passion in life. :) Thank you for sharing this.

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  4. awww. i love this. i can relate. everything is routinary lately too. and yes, i find it hard to cope when things go out of thw usual pattern. i really need something spontaneous too. thank you for sharing your raw thoughts and feelings. it was refreshing

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  5. You wrote pretty nice poems dear, you should keep writing and sharing them. The best poems come from the heart.

    I’m not in the process of finding myself though. I am not lost hahaha… Let’s just say that I am in the process of appreciating myself and doing the things that I love no matter what people think.

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  6. Society dictates this and that. The force that strongly opposes what we yearn ever since we were a child. I totallu agree. I cant get around poems but i’ll try this simple exercise. Thanks for posting the prompts haha

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  7. Ohh yes… I can relate very much, trying to find for myself too. Hopefully, I am looking in the right place haha. I love poetry, it has this feel about it that makes me feel like a child unwrapping a present. Will definitely do the poetry challenge! Wee :D

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  8. Grabe! Gisuwat na nimo ang naas akong utok dai. AHAHA bitaw, I’m refraining from drowning into what the society expects me. You’ve put it into words and I love how you delivered it. Thanks!

    If I were a pencil

    I would love to sketch what have laid my eyes on

    Sometimes I’d draw my thoughts and make erasures

    Because I am a reckless artist

    My bestfriend would be the eraser

    and we will work hand in hand every day

    Every sketching time, I would be happy

    because if I were a pencil,

    I could let the world see what I have on my mind through images.

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