16 Things accomplished in 2016


What have I accomplished this year? Well, aside from repetitively complaining about my increasing weight but still profoundly falling in love with frenchfries and chocolates, I couldn’t claim that much has been accomplished this year. I didn’t become a millionaire. I’m still dreaming of graduating masters and attending that “Sablay”. And no modification of my status has been made: still single.

I was so solid of the idea that last year was way better compared to this year when I came across some of the photographs of the activities done this year. I was horrified. No wonder I gained a lot of weight without me noticing it; I have been eating all along the stress that I have been feeling. Allow me to share to you some of the things that I’ve done for the first time this year.

  1. Camping at Mt. Naupa 

Even if I despised leaving the comforts of my bed, camping made me realize that sleeping under billions of stars while listening to Boyce Avenue’s soundtrack could be a better alternative of spending evenings.

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Location: Chalet Hill
  1. Rockclimbing at Poog Crag

Nothing beats testing your limits and meeting the hardcore couple behind Adrenaline Romance. Many insights were gained after the strenuous session we had with Sir Enie and some fellow bloggers – Chasing Potatoes, Jewel Clicks, Kara Santos of Traveling-up and IamIssa.

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Location: Poog Crag
  1. Trailblazing to Tiposo Peak

I have mastered so far the art of getting lost this year. Though I was trained to read maps and match it with a compass, my sense of direction is absurdly hopeless. I even have a hard time locating the exit of Ayala and SM. But probably what makes this “getting-lost” experience totally adorable is that there are no expectations. No hearbreaks. No expectation versus reality moment. And this is the reason why Tiposo Peak in Argao will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Location: Tiposo Peak
  1. Toploading to Sagada

It looked scary but if you focus on the view bestowed upon you, the activity can truly be fun! My first topload experience was on a jeepney to Buscalan, Kalinga, followed by a bus to Sagada, multicab to Biliran, another jeepney to Sagbayan, Bohol, and then on top of a tricycle in Siquijor!

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Location: Kiltepan Peak, Sagada
  1. Tattooed by Apo Whang Od

Meeting one of the greatest warrior and artist of Kalinga was a dream come true. It’s like lifting a favorite book character into real life!

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Location: Buscalan, Kalinga
  1. Chasing Waterfalls in Bohol

For a long time, I have always thought that Pagsanjan Falls, Maria Christina Falls, and Kawasan Falls are the only existing waterfalls around the country. But after going to the mountains and visiting densely populated tourist spots, I have come to realize that what truly makes a waterfall beautiful is not its physical appearance but the struggle, effort, and appreciation given by the people who have seen its exquisiteness.

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Location: Kaw-asan Falls, Danao, Bohol
  1. Extreme Canyoning in Biliran

If you think canyoneering in Kawasan was a major event in your life, try an extreme version in Biliran. A combination of hiking, river trekking, cliffjumping, bouldering, and rappelling can be a good experience to test your fears and dedication to finish what you’ve started.

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Location: Sampao River, Biliran
  1. Witness a sea of clouds in Danao, Bohol

I think every child has dreamt of touching the clouds and jumping on it the way our favorite cartoon characters did back when we were younger. Of course for many, this sounds impossible. But witnessing the sea of clouds hovering around Sitio Puntaas in Danao, Bohol allowed me to at least relive those childhood fantasies.

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Location: Sitio Puntaas, Danao, Bohol
  1. Volunteer

Nothing can compete to the feeling of being able to help other people and putting a smile on their faces. Much more when we are able to impart our knowledge unto them.

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Location: Redemptorist Church, Cebu City
  1. Sunrise

There are times when I curse my body clock for waking me too early most specially on days when I don’t actually need to work. But lately I have embraced this habit because without it, I won’t be able to witness the beautiful gift God has presented to humanity every morning.

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Location: Mt. Naupa
  1. Sunset

A lot of memes related to failed romances and unrequited love has been going viral on the Internet; this is because people usually have a tendency to cling into something even if they know how impossible it is. And this is what the sunset tells us – that sometimes we have to put a closure on things that does not have value anymore. No, not to emphasize the idea of giving up but to allow us to reset and start anew the next day.

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Location: Mt. Naupa
  1. Read a book

On days when it’s totally impossible to set forth on an adventure, I have come to love reading again. Not only that it’d given me time to replenish the energy I have used for the hikes, but it also allowed me to venture into another kind of adventure where only my imagination is the limit.

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Love Story: A Christmas Treat for an Unrequited Love

Location: Century Old Balete Tree, Siquijor
  1. Go solo

For some, solo backpacking has been a dream that they so longed to accomplish. It’s their choice to leave the comforts of their homes, quit from their jobs, and set forth on an adventure around the world. As for me, I was the other companion left behind. While my former travel companions share happy moments on their new trips, I, on the other hand, had to suffer a short separation anxiety problem. What do I do now without them? I learned it the hard way. The process was antagonizing; but it was doable. And I made it through. So at present, when nobody accepts my invitation for whatever reason they have, I stick to the plan and do it on my own.

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Location: Montaneza Falls, Malabuyoc, Cebu
  1. Islandhopping from Cebu to Bohol to Dumaguete then Siquijor

The original plan was to finally set foot on Siquijor after two years of epic failed plans. But then I’ve come across the recent posts about the sea of clouds in Bohol. Since I’m enjoying my Christmas break, I made the most of the three vacant days and made a quick trip to the aforementioned islands of the Central Visayas Region. It was strenuous but surely made the trip more memorable.

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Location: Salagdoon Beach, Siquijor
  1. Meet a person who changes you

I don’t know if it’s part of growing up or I’m just quite choosy with the people I look up to. I have long graduated on my showbiz crushes. Well, except for Ed Sheeran. And Taka of One Ok Rock. They’d always be an exemption. HAHA. Well, this year was more than amazing. Aside from meeting in person some award-winning travel blogger like Adrenaline Romance, Chasing Potatoes, Laag Sparkles, The Little Lai: Jauntings and Musings,  Jewel Clicks and IamIssa; I was more than privilege to get a closer encounter with the free spirited soul behind PsImonmywayTrisha Velarmino – who made me realize a lot about life and the countries that were negatively viewed by many. Before the year ended, I was also able to feed the poet in me while watching Juan Miguel Severo perform on stage for the LitFest held in Cebu.

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Location: Bintana Cafe
  1. Fall deeper in love with life

More than anything else, this year made me fall deeper in love with life. Probably there were times when I wish I had that “special someone” to share my travel and adventures with; but every time I recall those times when I do crazy stuff with friends, exchange stories of misadventures and lessons in life with new acquaintances, and experience life in the realms of nature, I don’t think I could be as happy as I had been if there was that “special someone”. Of course, I’m not closing my doors for that kind of adventure, but for now… I know I’m happy with who and what I have become. My life maybe erratic, spontaneous, unplanned; but I’m loving each and every step of it.

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Location: Burnhams Park, Baguio City

And I hope you do as well. As we begin a new year, we give ourselves new chances to do something that we have always wanted to accomplish. Or continue doing something until we perfect it or achieve whatever we sought for. I’m wishing you a happy new year and may our paths cross one of these days!


Thank you for your continuous support and for deliberately hanging up unto this moment. I am more than glad to have you around.

Here’s a video of what I have been doing this year! Cheers! :) :) :)