Here are 5 Reasons why you should visit Ormoc City at Night


I am not me when I’m sleepy. Believe me, I’m the worst person you’ll ever meet when I’m the verge of slumber. The deep attachment I have with bed goes beyond any romantic love could offer. Okay, that’s exaggerated. My point here is, I don’t fancy roaming around and going on adventure at night, most especially in the city – except for late night treks on the mountains. I was very solid with this idea until our recent visit to Ormoc City.

I’ve been to this city twice but it’s only on the third time that I got to experience its wonders at night. I could hear my bed wailing and calling out my name at the hotel we were staying. But I don’t want to be a killjoy that time. After a quick glance at my watch which was telling me that it’s still seven in the evening, I decided to join the group. And believe me, it was one of the best evening trip I had!

So what exactly changed my mind?

  • Take awesome shots at the Plaza’s glamorous dancing fountains


Watching Ormoc’s dancing fountains allowed me to recollect with the experience I had years back in Vigan City. It may not be as magical as the thirty-minute presentation at the New City Wonder, but sure it is totally fantastic and alluring for those who wish a romantic proposal on site.

  • Try their Carriage Ride


Of course, I won’t recommend this if this had been the ordinary carriage ride. What makes this 5 – 10 minute ride is the fact that you’ve got to tour the whole plaza without exerting too much effort; not mention the cool LED lights that has been purposely attached on the wagon itself!

  • Practice Bike Tricks at the Biking Arena


If you’re the rider type, well the plaza has a special spot for you as well. On one corner of the area we found these dudes make stunts and perfecting those exhibitions.

  • Ormoc Bay at Night


Manila Bay? Dumaguete Boulevard? Well, brace yourself, it’s the Ormoc Bay. If by chance you are mending a broken heart, the sea wall is perfect for you! The cool breeze and the lovely crashing sound of the waves can really soothe that bitterness inside that you’re feeling.

  • Food Grills to Dine In


And of course, to complete the night out, you have to try their seafood grill and other cuisines that the city offers. This is even more made memorable by the local music played around by practicing bands, drum corps, or regular playlist on the radio.


Aside from these, several activities are done on stage every weekend like singing contests, variety shows and many others. Ormoc City may not be as economically progressive like the leading cities in the country, but it sure it has tons to offer to every wanderlust who decides to visit the city at night.

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Have you been to Ormoc City? Which places have you been to? Can we add something on the list?