An Educational Tour to Ormoc City


Apart from being an entry point to almost all adventures in the Eastern Visayas – canyoning in Biliran, caving in Samar, island hopping in Leyte – Ormoc City boasts of its own destinations that would not only answer the call for adventure but also cultivate the seed of learning within each individual. While traveling has been the core for most millenials today, this should not limit the “young ones” and the “young once” to travel and learn more about culture, environmental sustainability, and appreciation of natural resources. Come to think of it, nobody has the monopoly of knowledge and everyday is a learning day.

So what lessons will Ormoc teach you?

Nothing worth having comes easy. (Kanangga Pineapple Plantation, Barangay Hibunawon)

Approximately located 20 kilometers away from the city proper is a 210 hectares of pineapple fields that provides an average harvest of 2,000 pineapples a day. While Ormoc’s “senorita” has been long-labeled as the sweetest pineapple amongst its neighboring provinces, these sweet harvests can never be tasted without the labor of many farmers who have endured the scorching heat of the sun and sharp needles of pineapple leaves (raphides).


Small but truly delectable pineapple.

Free taste. HAHA
Harvest time.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. (Leyte Geothermal Production Field)

Situated on the eastern part of the city, are five power plants wherein one of which is the largest single power plant in the world. This field produces a total of 708MW that generates power in the island of Leyte, part of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao via sub-sea cables. Though self-sufficient enough for the present generation, we must always keep in mind that nothing is constant in this world; thus, we must always conserve energy at all times so we may not compromise the ability of the future generation to meet their needs.

We were not allowed to go near the geothermal plant but we were given the opportunity to get a photo op inside the plant. We were also able to see this steam from one of the five power plants.

The best things in life come free to us. (Ormoc Plaza at Night)

Some people spend a lot of money on material things just to address whatever they want to fill inside them. What they don’t know is that most of the things that would make us genuinely happy are actually just around the corner, waiting for our recognition. Same goes with Ormoc’s Plaza. While this has not been listed as a “must-visit” because of its simplicity in comparison to other place’s town center, for those who want to enjoy a simple evening stroll for free, the experience that Ormoc Plaza can give you can be likened to the city’s pineapples – once tasted, always wanted. Click here to find out the things you can enjoy at Ormoc Plaza.

Our kind of girls’ night out.
One of my favorite dancing fountain in Ormoc Plaza.
Yep, their carriage ride is truly amazing with all those LED lights. HAHA

Sometimes we have to stop being scared and just go for it. Either it will work or won’t, that’s life.  (Lake Danao National Park)

Believed to be a habitat for a giant eel, this violin-shaped lake with an undetermined depth would surely test the spirit of adventure you have within you. From the roller coaster ride hemmed by cloud-capped mountain ranges to a kayaking experience followed by tarzan jump, this lake will surely make the life out of you; not to mention the appetizing meals and view that goes with it. Superb!

Calmness overload.
Ferns and tab shells that grow abundantly in the lake are also sold as delicacy and part of the meal provided on the floating restaurants. This is a must-try!
Aside from swimming, you can also try kayaking (which comes for free upon renting those floating restaurants for Php150/hour) and tarzan jump! See video below for complete Ormoc City adventure!

Have you ever wondered why such good things happen to you when you have done nothing to deserve such? Probably because someone somewhere is praying and wishing you to be well all these time. Saints Peter and Paul Church and Holy Hills

Lastly, Ormoc is also a home to a number of pilgrim centers and hundred year old churches like Saints Peter and Paul Church – where the incumbent mayor of the city got married. Aside from developing your physical, emotional and social skills, you should as well culture your spiritual side. Though this does not literally mean that you have to really do a vigil (but why not if you can, right?) but doing a reflection from time to time can really help you get through with whatever endeavor you have right now. Come to think of it, you don’t lose anything in trying, right? Right?

We attended the Palm Sunday mass here at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Ormoc City.
This part of Ormoc has been called as the Holy Hills because of the number of chapels and pilgrim centers that are found around the area.
St. Anthony de Padua Church, Mt. Carmel)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery
Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery

I don’t know if I have convinced you enough to visit the city. But I do hope that wherever your feet will bring you, whatever place it will be, you will learn a lot from there. Life can be very troublesome at times. Sometimes, it will take away all the possessions you have – and even those you have held dearly – but if there’s one thing that you can keep for life, it will be the things that you have learned from all the experiences you have. Keep learning! To more adventures we go!

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