A Break from Adventure, Staycation at Century Plaza Hotel


We’re in a world that focused too much on achievements, on doing something to prove our worth. Though it’s essential to find our meaning in our limited days, fragile beings as we are, it’s difficult not to get jaded. We all need to rest. It’s our right to do so. This does not mean that we are postponing our search for this so-called meaning, rather it’s a poignant point of reflection whether to move forward or take a detour.


Instead of walking on steep and rocky trails, my feet found themselves in a homey room this time. No, I’m not at home, though it felt like one. I am in one of Cebu’s renowned hotels that had stood the test of time for years. Located in the uptown district of Cebu City, within the Century Plaza Commercial Complex, stands a hotel that is several minutes away from Cebu’s finest food hubs, entertainment, banks, medical care, and shopping centers – Century Plaza Hotel.

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Having been exposed to a number of outdoor activities, my body became attuned to sleeping on uneven grounds, harsh weather condition, and higher altitude. However, staying in the hotel made me realize how much I have I been stressing and forcing my body to do more than what it should – probably the reason why I have been slacking of these days.


Being Cebu’s first barrier free hotel made the stay even better. The rooms were purposely built to accommodate most especially those with disabilities (e.g. grab doors on toilets, lowered switches and outlets, spacious bathrooms). Moreover, family rooms are provided with lavatories and facilities that are very much child-friendly. In addition, the reliable Wi-Fi connection of the hotel allows those who are staying indoors to stay connected to those who are traveling outside Cebu or (for my case) those who are setting forth on an adventure around the province.


Another highlight of the stay is the strategic location of the hotel where most food hubs are located. They don’t offer food and beverages, but they have a resident restaurant – Heat on their ground floor that offers Okinawa’s best set of meals to choose from. However, if you’re not fond of Japanese cuisine, there are classic restaurants around the corner that offers the familiar Filipino dishes such as Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafood, Boosog, Sa Kanunay Karenderya, and many others.

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Because of the comfort that the hotel offered, I had one of the best nights of my life. I even overslept – which rarely happens because my body clock would always bug me by five in the morning. Thanks to Nhagz (of Nhagzventure.com) and Sir Ricky, we were also able to do an on-the-spot photoshoot. I tell you, the lighting of the room is so perfect that you won’t need filters for your photos.


All in all, it was a great stay. It was exactly what I needed. A break. A break not to take a detour or to put a halt in pursuing my dreams, but to take some time for myself.   Come to think of it, just being and relaxing from time to time is as equally important as doing something. I am doing something. Something good. Something great. Something that goes beyond what they label as an unproductive day.


For bookings and inquiries, feel free to visit their site or their Facebook page. You can as well contact them on landline (63) (32) 255-1010), mobile (+63-917-320-3535), or email (cnturypl@mozcom.com).