MAD with Team Bang’s Hike for a Cause

Lataban Hills

We all lose our patience at some point of our lives. When things don’t go according to our way, it’s easy to get mad. When a job doesn’t get done, it’s easy to burst out. When fate plays a tragic theme, it’s easy to get angry. And while it’s easy to blame the universe about these “misfortunes”, why can’t we channel these negative energies into something beneficial?

(c) Dakilanglaagan

If you’ve come across Aldrich’s blog – Bisaya Traveler – probably you’ve heard as well of his group, Team Bang. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve got to follow their adventures and misadventures – they reminded me so much of my group’s early hiking days, back when our weekends are empty and we only have each other for companionship.  It’s nice to see them discovering new places around the province and learning life lessons only the mountains can teach. However, as you go on following other people’s lives, there’d come a time that you’d want something more, something real.

So when a friends suggested that we’ll join their outreach program in Compostela, imagine how excited I was. Sadly, this excitement died the night before the said event – the friend decided to back out. I could’ve canceled as well and rested for the weekend but I knew my curiosity would kill me. So I made a deal: if I can wake up early, I’ll go; if not, then it’s not for me.

(c) Dakilanglaagan

The next day I found myself inside a jeepney with new found friends, exchanging stories of misadventures, and sharing food with them as if we’ve know each other for eternity. The event commenced and the rest of the day became one of the most profound experience I had.

Giving of loot bags to the kids
Duck Race
The Boat is Sinking – interaction

I’ve been to a number of outreach programs – in fact, I even organize my own. And just like any other events, there were obvious lapses. But what made it exemplary was the attitude of the members during the activity. Everyone was enthusiastic. I’ve never heard anyone complaining about the venue, participants, and the flow of event. Everyone was busy assisting and doing voluntary jobs, as if they’ve been attuned to it. Likewise, I love the Grant a Wish concept where volunteers get to see the wish list of the kids and allow them to allot a part of their money to buy the toy or educational supply that the kids wanted to receive. It’s like becoming an answer to somebody else’s prayer. Sweet.

I don’t usually take photos of kids but it’s difficult to miss this kind of opportunity, right?
(c) Dakilanglaagan

After the program, the group then commenced with the hike. Though the goal was to visit the Holy Cross, Aldrich decided to bring the group to a ridge (which the locals fondly call as Tagaytay) to get a better view of the town while eating lunch. Though a little commotion happened, that didn’t hinder us from enjoying and learning from each other’s company. When everything’s settled, we then continued the trek to the nearby range where the Holy Cross was located.

It’s the climb. HAHA.

It would have been a wonderful hike if not for the steep and rocky trail and stinging hot rays of the sun. It would have been a great hike if it wasn’t humid. It would have been better if there weren’t too many of us. And with all these conditions, it’s difficult not to get MAD. I’m mad with Team Bang because they reminded me how beautiful it is to travel again in groups. I’m mad with Team Bang for they fed me without a cost. I’m mad with Team Bang because they showed me how a strenuous trek could lead to something as beautiful and breathtaking as the Holy Cross. I’m mad with Team Bang because they’ve accommodated an extra, annoying baggage like me.

Lunch together with these LODIs. :D :D :D
Holy Cross of Compostela


(c) Pathfinder

I’m mad. They’re mad. We are MAD. Making A Difference. What transpired that day would have been an ordinary encounter for some, but to us who have witnessed the innocent smiles of those kids, the bewitching beauty that is of Compostela and its nearby municipalities, and simple joy of being crazy with each other, it was truly a great difference.

Fellow poetic blogger – Maria went out of town
Epic Idol Wanderer‘s Signature Pose (c) Reymund

Maybe, it’s good to be MAD. Are you MAD? HAHA.


For details on how to get to the Holy Cross, click here.