So What Happened to Kasadya sa SRP?

Kasadya sa SRP (c) Dakilanglaagan

This is not a happy post. As much as I wanted to write something joyous and festive to resonate this event, I can no longer find the familiar vibes that Kasadya sa SRP brought to me every year. Now, I have come to understand what my colleague meant when he said: the meaning of Christmas differs as you age.

Oo na. Ako na ang single. HAHAHAHA.

After our Christmas Gathering at work, my colleagues and I decided to end the year at the recently opened “Kasadya sa SRP” – an annual carnival setup at the South Road Properties which runs from December to February. Like a carefully woven plan, everything went well. We were able to hitch a ride in going to the place thanks to our fellow colleagues – Geray and Eden – who volunteered to drop us by the area. We were, as well, able to enjoy almost all the rides since we arrived early, exempting us from falling in long lines. We took numerous photos, enjoyed the food and drinks, and even participated in the games hosted by MOR Cebu. As I said, everything went well; however, as we were hovering around the area, we noticed something that goes beyond the glow of the LED lights and screams of the visitors, something that has been left unseen by many.

UFO ride at Kasadya sa SRP
Elevate you regular Merry-go-round and ride the Twister!
Bee Ride
Turns your world upside-down. Literally.

On the other side of the colorful photos you’ve seen online, are caretakers who are in constant gamble of earning a living. Though there are a number of visitors around the area, very few of them really try all the rides that were made available. Very few lined up to get that magnificent view on top of the Ferris Wheel thanks to the normal city light view provided by skyscraping malls and towers. No one would like to experience the Horror Ride thanks to the daily brutal scares and killings portrayed by media. No more children eagerly lining up for the Caterpillar and Rollercoaster Rides thanks to Mobile Legends, Minecraft, and all other games that brought them thrill these days. Nobody wants to enjoy anymore the fun that is of Bumped Cars thanks to the daily city grind of traffic. And many would just dismiss the idea of visiting Kasadya sa SRP because it’s more fun in IT, there’s sale in SM and Ayala, and it’s “lapok” and raining on that cheap carnival.

The not-so-horror-ride
Forgotten Caterpillar Ride
No costumers for the night?
No buyers on a rainy night.

In an era perpetuated by everything easy and fun, how can Kasadya sa SRP cope with this? Consequently, what would happen to those individuals whose earnings depended so much on the number of people coming and enjoying the rides and games? Should we all grow up and neglect the child within us? Should we discourage those that come after us to stop wasting their money on these childish activities that once brought us to the best and worst that we can be?

Where did all the fun go?

Thoughts to ponder. Enjoy!


Tidbits for you!

  1. Free rides to Kasadya sa SRP are available. Shuttle buses pick up passengers from Plaza Independencia, Mambaling, and SM Seaside. They also bring you back to these places after you enjoy the rides and activities on site. Last trip: 10pm.
  2. Entrance fee is P25.00. If you want to complain, read again the article on top and ponder with those individuals working on the carnival.
  3. Rates for every ride goes from P40.00 to P60.00. If you want to complain, refer to Number 2.
  4. Recommended rides? Well, you have to try all to give full comparison. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can unleash the soul within you and try UFO, Galactic, Vikings, and Twister in consecutive order. Good luck!
  5. For the faint hearted, you can as well enjoy, Merry-go-round (no one’s too old for this), Bumped Cars (it’s okay if you don’t know how to drive, I don’t as well HAHA), Horror Ride (and take a selfie with their monsters HAHAHAHA #goals), and enjoy the party and games in the Activity Area.
  6. Must dos? Video while riding the UFO, get inside the Space Lab, selfie with the monsters at the Horror Ride, and test how good you are in Statistics and Probability by gambling your P20.00. HAHAHAHA.
  7. Most important note: Enjoy!

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