Things you can actually do at Plaza Independencia aside from Dating

Things you can actually do at Plaza Independencia aside from Dating (c) Dakilanglaagan

I used to believe all the things my parents told me when I was younger. By ALL, this includes the belief that I’d turn into a monster if I drink coffee, my soul will get stuck in a kaldero if I don’t eat dinner, and that only couples are allowed to go to a plaza. Of course, eventually, I got to learn that they were just tripping on me. I still put high regards on the opinion of my parents, but there are several instances when I also enforce other perspective most especially with all the insights I gained from traveling.

Quite peculiar, I’ve been truly fascinated with plazas these days. Though I despise crowded places, I began to appreciate the lively interaction of individuals roaming around the area. So when a colleague suggested that we’d visit Plaza Independencia after attending the novena mass in honor of Sr. Sto. Niño yesterday, imagine how excited I became. The initial plan was to just to kill time and avoid the influx of passengers and heavy traffic upon going home. However, we ended up attending a live-band concert and doing other things that can actually be done in a plaza.

So what are these things that you can do at Plaza Independencia aside from Dating?

Free fans and reminders from VECO. HAHA
  • Earn freebies.

Upon entrance, several individuals are offering freebies like fans, drinks, and FREE hugs! Choose whatever suits you best.

Raffle draws by Freenet. (c) Dakilanglaagan
  • Try your luck with raffles.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can as well join raffle draws provided by several establishments who’d only ask you to register then pick several prizes from their fishbowls.


  • Access to free internet.

As per government order, public places have internet connections now! By that you can share your ATMs on varied social media platforms! However, please be patient as well as there might be a huge number of people who’d like to connect.

6 Cyclemind in the House!
  • Enjoy live band sessions.

Local bands are making a hit on the stage through their nightly performances. Enjoy tracks of OPMs and headbang with renowned bands in the country like 6 Cyclemind (January 19) and Parokya ni Edgar (January 21) as they bring the hits of your early high school and college days.

Couples bringing their kids and enjoying dinner (c) Dakilanglaagan
  • Picnic with family.

With its wide land area, Plaza Independencia can also be a very good venue for picnics and get together with the family! Just bring your own mat, food and drinks, and enjoy the rest of the day.


  • Dine out with friends.

With the growing number of stalls to choose from, Plaza is absolutely the place for you and your gang to dine out, drink, and chill all the hassles of adulting.


  • Get a henna tattoo.

If you’re afraid of getting a permanent tattoo, maybe it’s about time to add some colors and art on your body and get a temporary henna tattoo. Just make sure that your skin isn’t that sensitive to the chemicals used.


  • Live with the moment.

Just stay there and enjoy. No expectations. Just pure music and the crowd to vibe with.


I hope you get the chance to visit Plaza Independencia and see for yourself the reality behind all those stories others tell you. For more updates, see me on Facebook and Instagram. For nearby sites to visit, click here.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and Pit Senyor!