This is what Happens when your Drawing Friends Show up

Cebu Tops Outlook

In a few ticks, February would be on our doorsteps. While much has been said about this overly-romanticized month, for me, this yet opens another month of adventure given that we’d be celebrating four holidays in a row. HAHAHA. It is but another time to color all those wasted January plans and discover more on what life has to offer. And of course, to whom would you be sharing these splendid moments – taking into consideration your love life status – but with your ever reliable friends, your drawing friends.

Much has been said about these drawing friends – the ones who are very thrilled upon planning but nowhere to be found on the actual event. They are the ones who kept your hopes up and eventually dragged them down. They are the ones who ignite the passion in you and kill it the moment it starts to burn you inside. They are ruthless creatures. But you know what makes them awesome? For some unknown reasons, people easily forgive them. I, for one, have fallen victim to this ever growing Drawing Syndicate. I have once cursed them but still ended up inviting them again. Why? Because awesome things happen when these drawing friends show up.

Probi Squad. HAHA.

They make the best unplanned escapades.

The original plan was just to crash a birthday party. Upon invitation, a friend and I decided to visit Busay a mountainous barangay within the realms of Cebu City. Though we encouraged other colleagues to join, many already have other engagements and there were those who suddenly backed out on the day itself leaving only five of us. In all honesty, nobody knows how to get to the venue even though we’ve been there once. Of course, it’s a lot different when you’re commuting and when you’re fetched. So we ended up waiting for Mervin another colleague who then decided to join us. Luckily, he’s from the area so he’s more familiar with how the transportation system works.

Things you do on the road.

They can make you discover your hidden talents.

We were stuck at Plaza Housing, not knowing where to go next. As most of the vehicles that passed by the area were privately owned, it was very difficult to get a ride. Though there were habal-habal drivers whom we could have hired, the price they charged was way higher in comparison to the fare in going to Sirao Peak and Tops Outlook which were way farther! So we ended up, waiting for Mervin who promised to reserve us seats on the jeepney that he was riding on. So there we were on the side of the road smelling all the barbecue flavors from the sari-sari store nearby and drooling over those buy one take one burger patties sold on the other side. And out of nowhere (probably caused by inhaling all the smoke from the passing vehicles), we began to discuss silly things like how to make a dance craze, what songs wed be singing on a videoke, and what kinds of food would be left for us at the birthday party (please refer to IG stories).


They make desperate measures on desperate times.

I forgot how many jeepneys have we counted and asked if Mervin was inside. It took almost an hour for him to arrive on our waiting area. And much to our surprise, the jeepney he was riding on was full. So we ended up squeezing ourselves among the locals. The ride was fine. City lights became visible and the cold wind made its way amongst the tightly compressed passengers. I began to appreciate such way of commuting locals trading smiles, gentlemen giving more spaces to old women, and children curling up against their mother’s lap. And you hear no one complaining things that I have been missing even with the number of times that I have been to the area. But those moments of reflection eventually faded into thin air when the jeepney halted on a direct assault part and began to move backwards. My eyes literally went bigger (my friends can attest to that). Yes, I am a strong and independent woman but I wasn’t prepared for that! That was not included in the orientation! HAHAHAHA. Good thing the conductor was very efficient and immediately placed a block under the wheel to prevent further damage. Sigh.

Gate crashers.

They make the journey more bearable.

To cut the story short, we arrived safe and sound to our destination. Sadly, because we arrived late, we were left with nothing but dinosaur bones. Joke. HAHAHAHA. The host prepared a lot for the guests so we ended up owning the buffet table and eating our hearts out. And guess what? Two of our colleagues decided to catch up! That makes us eight now! With this growing numbers, we decided to challenge the reigning Videoke Master and allowed the barangay to hear our beautiful voices. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. HAHAHAHA. Pierre scanned through the song list and queued whatever he felt like saving. We ended up singing songs of worship and other unfamiliar songs to which we dutifully complied. HAHAHA. We even discovered a diva amongst us!

“Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko, magbago man ang hugis ng puso mo…”

They cause series of unfortunate events! Hahahaha.

It was past eleven in the evening when we decided to head home. It was tempting to continue singing our hearts out and spend the rest of the night on the host’s house but we have other things in mind. Sadly, after an almost an hour of waiting, no means of transportation was available. Good thing, the husband of our colleague decided to send us back to the city. That would have been the greatest idea; but we got too intoxicated with life that we needed an alternate outlet – a perfect city view. So the family ended up sending us to Cebu City’s best city viewing deck Tops Outlook. With that time of the day, we ended up cringing. The wind was bitterly cold but it didn’t hinder us from enjoying the beauty set before us.

Kunyari di nakatingin pose.
Besh, ansakit na ng panga ko. HAHAHA
May pinagdadaanan? Tara, usap tayo. HAHAHA

When the bell rang, signaling the start of a new day, we then decided to head back to the city proper. We were able to hire habal-habal drivers who efficiently brought us back to JY Square. However, along the way, the tire of the motorcycle that Pierre and I were riding on got flat. We waited long before another motorcycle came and sent us to the city proper. However, this time, the driver was younger, fiercer, and more of a risk-taker. I lose count on how many times we could have hit someone or bump into other vehicles along the way. Yes, reckless is the perfect world.

In summary, it was a riot of emotions. But it was worth the experience. This is what happens when drawing friends show up. And probably the reason why they must always be absent. Joke. HAHAHA. But seriously, I think I found the reason why we still invite drawing friends even if we know that there’s a ninety percent chance of them not coming: love. I think love becomes sweeter when you fully understand and acknowledge what love truly meant – something that goes beyond reciprocating the love you have given. It’s about knowing the other party can’t give the same affection that you give… but still love them anyway. In the words of St. Paul, love is patient; love is kind. It is not easily angered and keeps no record of wrong. Love never fails.

Cheers to that awesome unplanned getaway! To more laags we go. :) :) :)

I hope you find love (in whatever form it would take) you rightfully deserve along your journeys. See you on trails! Follow more of my misadventures on Facebook and Instagram!