Borrowed Summer Days in Alhibé Farm

What I learned during our stay at Alhibe Farm
Alhibé Farm (c) Dakilanglaagan

You know you had a great childhood when you have tons of stories to tell about summer. Those crazy games you played, tricks you mastered, friends you earned, bruises that marked how you survived through the pain. But we’ve long past the stage of childhood. Adulting already joined the group, tagging along bills and deadlines. The glory of summer days has become a faraway dream for most of us. Or so we thought.

It was way past summer when we went to Alhibé Farm Finally, a vacation after more than a year of strenuous work. Despite the threat of the rainy season, the private accommodation provided the warmth needed for a relaxing retreat – as it was located in the highlands of Carmen, Cebu. We were the only guests in Alhibé Farm for that day for they only cater one booking daily. This means, we exclusively owned the property during our stay!

Alhibe Farm. Photo credits: Project Raphael

Though the weather was a bit gloomy, it didn’t hinder us from enjoying the natural spring-fed pool, surrounding hills and mountains, and all the other activities offered by Alhibé Farm. They also have an open dining kitchen which allows guests to cook and prepare meals. Alhibé Farm has also an outdoor bathroom that allows you to marvel the wonders of nature while answering its “call”.

Outdoor Bathroom in Alhibé Farm. Photo credit: Project Raphael

By evening, we were graced by the presence of fireflies while eating our dinner in Alhibé Farm. The trees literally lit up with their twinkling lights! Such blissful moment. Come to think of it, summer nights were also the best part of our childhood. Back when we were not consumed by social media and Netflix, back when we would gather around to listen to make-believe stories of the adults, back when the only thing that we were afraid of were the fantasized elements of the dark.

Hammock area of Alhibé Farm. Photo credit: Project Raphael
Roasting marhsmallows (c) Dakilanglaagan

After firefly watching, we took some time to relax in the hammock area before we began the bonfire session. Thanks to the staff who offered to buy marshmallows for us, we were able to enjoy roasted marshmallows! Since the hut accommodation of Alhibé Farm  is limited to two, glamping is offered to those coming in groups – like our case. Having been immersed through the harsh weather and campsites of several mountains in the country, the glamping experience I had in Alhibe Farm was for the books! Air beds and ventilations were provided and the tents were too spacious, the group can literally play inside! HAHA. By far, it was one of the best camping experience I had.

Glamping101 at Alhibé Farm. Photo credit: Project Raphael

The following morning, we took a short morning trek around the property then visited their resident dog of Alhibé Farm, Khasy. We had so much fun screaming to our heart content while enjoying their giant swing – childhood experience to a new level. After exploring the property and learning fun facts about the plants from the caretakers of the farm, we prepared our breakfast and took one final dip to the pool. Who would have thought such fine experience would change the way I look at vacation?

Morning view in Alhibé Farm. (c) Dakilanglaagan
Unlimited breakfast meal. Photo credit: Project Raphael
Infinity Swing. Photo credit: Project Raphael

We all grew up thinking summer is just a season compounded in two to three months – a long vacation after school. But what we fail to realize is that: it can always be summer somewhere. We can always revive those great, old days. That if we want to. If we just pay a little attention, even doing something mundane in our everyday lives can bring the simple joys of summer. Sure, there will be bad days. There will always be those clouded and stormy moments, but no matter how strong the rains of life become, always remember that the sun will continue to shine in the days to come.

Sure, there will be bad days. There will always be those clouded and stormy moments, but no matter how strong the rains of life become, always remember that the sun will continue to shine in the days to come. (c) Project Raphael

See you on trails! And don’t wait for the months of summer to come. Make your own summer moments.

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Special thanks to this “Research Squad” for the company and food. HAHA. Para sa bayan!

Tips and tricks!

  1. Need a little summer? Book an exclusive stay at Alhibe Farm at Airbnb. Walk-ins are strictly not allowed.
  2. Alhibe Farm is located at Sitio Baucan, Barangay Sac-on, Carmen, Cebu near Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.
  3. Two-types of accommodation: The Hut (good for 2 pax – P2,500) and Huge Bell Tents for Glamping (good for 6 pax – P4,950).
  4. Guests bring and cook their own food to add to the experience and bonding activity. Basic utensils and condiments are available. There’s no refrigerator, but they have cooler to keep your drinks cold and meat fresh.
  5. Check-in: 2pm – 5pm. Check-out: 12noon
  6. As it is located several kilometers from the Carmen proper, guests may bring private vehicle in the area. You also opt to book a ride a habal-habal in going to Barangay Sac-on from the highway. For a hassle-free means of transportation, Alhibe Farm also offers “Rent a Car” service for an additional charge of P3,500 (from Cebu City) or P1,200 from Carmen proper.
  7. For more details, please click here.