A Much-Needed Trip to Maribago Blue Waters

Maribago Blue Waters: Quick Day Trip

The sun is up and mighty this unexpected holiday – and out of nowhere, my mind began to dream of the cool waters, the warm company, the sumptuous food: that much-needed trip to Maribago Blue Waters. Weird. On normal days, my mind would usually drift into the trails and mountains. Those close to me know I’m no beach person. It’s always summits rather than seas.

Probably it’s because summer is making itself felt more by people. Or maybe I just need the calm and serenity brought about by just not doing anything (no direct ascents and steep downhells) other than staring at the infinite horizon – where the sky meets the sea.

It’s been more than a year now since the lockdown. While the province is trying to make amends, to at least resuscitate the economic relapse, going back to ‘normal’ still seems like a distant future. I miss those ninja-trips over the weekend. The major climb. Sleeping on airports and bus stations. Sleeping inside the jeepney en route to and fro my workplace.

But more than anything else, I miss the company – of people I can vibe and disagree with at the same time. Staying at home changed the course of many relationships around the world. Strengthened and challenged at the same time.

Quick Trip to Maribago Blue Waters

And one can only imagine how suffocating it is for an extrovert to stay at home. That’s why when Pierre suggested for a beach trip – when the travel restrictions were eased and leisure trips were permitted by the local government – most of us immediately agreed to take a breather. So, off we went to Maribago Blue Waters.

Funny thing is, we didn’t actually go swimming at the beach. It was a low tide. So, we ended up staying onshore, recollecting how we have been, plotting crazy antics against each other, talking about the many things that have happened while savoring the delicious meal served – as if we don’t message each other on chat every single day.

Maribago Blue Waters Lagoon

As we went sharing more about our lives, before and during the pandemic, what Christopher McCandless wrote in his journal made more sense to me: happiness is real when shared. And so as our pains. Our troubles. Communicating what we feel does not necessarily solve the problem but it makes the load feel a little lighter. Come to think of it, we are but social beings. We thrive by being with each other.

Kamote Club and Company: Quick Trip to Maribago Blue Waters
In case you forgot, you're allowed to rest and do things that will make you happy

Thinking about it now, maybe this trip to Maribago Blue Waters is not just about having fun. It’s not just about simply going out, following all health and safety protocols just to hang out and see each other. This is one way to resuscitate as well our will to keep going, most especially in these times when we begin to question the essence of our existence: of what we are living for, of what keeps us striving, of battling over our worries, financial stability, emotions, mental health – and the things we’d rather not speak about.

Maybe it’s about time to visit the beach once again. The question is: where to?

Maribago Blue Waters