Things to Ponder: 25 Life-Changing Quotes from Kdrama Twenty-Five Twenty-One


Age may just be a number but time is irreversible – this is something that I’ll probably forever keep with me from the K-drama ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’. While most are debating right now over the bittersweet ending, I find myself, on the other hand, dissecting the many life stages projected throughout the whole timeline of the series. Maybe this is what I get from marathoning all 16 episodes in two days.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is not just your ordinary coming-of-age series. The cinematography itself already signals a rollercoaster of emotion. Add to that the poetic lines blurted out by every character and the effective acting of Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk – if you haven’t watched it, prepare tons of tissues or buckets for your tears.

What is the Story of Twenty-Five Twenty-One?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a subtle reminder of all the difficulties we’ve all gone through in life – from undiscussed childhood issues to teenage angst up to the responsibilities forced upon becoming an adult. All 16 episodes directed by Jung Ji-hyun will make us ponder how short but beautifully-lived life should be, of how precious time is.

Like Reply 1988, this nostalgic ‘90s series takes us back to the wonderful times of the past. It creatively narrates the refreshing romance and life struggles of world-renowned fencer Na Hee Do and news anchor Baek Yi Jin. Chronicled through the diaries written by Hee Do and read by her daughter, Min-Chae, the series unfolds with the two of them meeting for the first time at 22 and 18 and how they stepped up and grew through life challenges together until 25 and 21.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Unsolicited Review

Though the Twenty-Five Twenty-One left with so many unanswered questions, the fact that the viewers are putting much energy into complaining about it only means one thing: it has hugely impacted their lives. Come to think of it, it’s two months’ worth of time invested. Who wouldn’t want a happy ending, right?

But Twenty-Five Twenty-One stood firm to its grounds: of reflecting the realities of life. We often don’t get what we want – no matter how much we put our faith and efforts into it. It’s what makes life exciting and terrifying at the same time.

To further elaborate, here are some quotes I’ve labored to put together because they truly struck some chords.

25 Life-Changing Quotes from the Kdrama Twenty-Five Twenty-One

What a way to start the week, right? Mapanakit. But then again, life happens. Hope you can watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One, too. Damay-damay na this!

Now, let’s wait for some feel-good vibes with A Business Proposal ending this week as well.