Slowly Embracing All These Little Changes…

Slowly embracing all these little changes

The year 2022 came with lots of surprises – as if the last two years of the pandemic were not enough. It started with darkness. Literally without lights because of the monthlong brownout caused by Typhoon Odette. And just when we’re about to see the light at the end of the tunnel, there goes another tragedy that left the family with a very big hole to fill in.

When it rains, it pours, as they say. But what I’m most surprised about is how I have been handling all these things. How I have stayed under the shade and looked at the heavy downpour like life flipping the pages of an unwanted chapter.

Growth happens in times when we least like it. But more than anything else, it’s necessary. There are things that only make sense in the later part of our lives – when the events seem to perfectly coincide to complete the tapestry and lead us where we’re supposed to. While at the moment it’s difficult to appreciate it as the raging emotions most often overpower us, time is a gentle reminder that our lives continue to revolve whether we like it or not.

The year 2022 came with lots of surprises – and with it are meaningful insights and learnings that I believe can’t be learned otherwise. I started joining marathons, accepted new assignments I never thought I could juggle altogether, and practiced opting for a more convenient life.

If you’ve known me for years, you’ll know how crazy I am when it comes to traveling. Back then, you would find me on Friday nights either in the airport or bus terminal, carrying a 31L hiking pack, ready to conquer summits or tick off another untrodden destination. I could be comfortable sleeping anywhere – or not sleeping at all. By Monday morning, you’d see me again in the office, ready to hustle as if nothing happened over the weekend.

However, this year I’ve realized that while there are so many things to catch up in the two years that we were cooped in our homes, there’s also wisdom in taking things one at a time – at a speed that allows us to take a breather. Living in a city whose heartbeat is so quick, sometimes we need to be reminded to calm down, appreciate the little milestones we’ve accomplished, and take a rest from the ramblings of the world. “Whoa, whoa,” as Attorney Woo puts it.

Fortunately, Megaworld has developed the first township outside Metro Manila with its own beachfront – Mactan Newtown – the perfect place to strike a balance between work-play-unwind-and-learn. Recognized at The Outlook Awards 2019 by Lamudi Philippines as “Best Mixed-Use Development of 2019 for Visayas and Mindanao”, the 30-hectare property in Lapu-lapu City seamlessly integrated residential, commercial, retail, hotel, and office components, thereby revitalizing the township, making it a great place to pursue what you so want to do in life, in whatever phase you are in.

Next month, Megaworld will also be opening its first hotel development inside Mactan Newtown, Savoy Hotel Mactan. As a traveler, this is such a convenience as the 18-story hotel is remarkably close to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, not to mention the beach resorts, spa, café and restaurants, and retail shops around the island of Mactan. It also offers a wide range of function and meeting rooms, F&B outlets, café, bar, and outdoor dining areas. The homegrown hotel chain – the third under the Savoy Hotel brand – also has a swimming pool, paved sunbathing lounge, fitness center, business center, and flowering garden.

Aside from Savoy Hotel Mactan, Megaworld is also set to open its second homegrown hotel development in Mactan Newtown by the fourth quarter of this year, the 20-storey Belmont Hotel Mactan. With 550 guestrooms and suites that are fully equipped with essential amenities, this place certainly provides the breather we all need. Only a few minutes away from Mactan Newtown Beach and Mactan Alfresco, you can definitely take your time to reflect upon the things happening in your life, as you enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Hilutungan Channel while savoring authentic Cebuano cuisines and delicacies.

Truly, the year 2022 came with lots of surprises – and so with the years that are bound to come. As we end this year and begin a new one, may we grow in wisdom in dealing with adversities and become more open to the many opportunities that life has to offer. Change is scary – but in turn, there’s always something that we get from it. Let’s slowly embrace all these little changes and allow life to take us where we’re destined to be.

No one knows how long it would take. Hence, let’s enjoy the journey.