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How to get rid of those blood-sucking Limatiks

Limatiks are scary. Just thinking about those creepy, blood-sucking mountain leeches already brings goosebumps into my system. Back when seasoned mountaineers share their encounters of these parasitic creatures, I would often wonder how in the world they survived such bloody attacks. So when finally I got a chance to hike mountains that are heavily infested with limatiks, I realized how traumatic the stigma we have placed upon those leeches that are just are thriving for survival.

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Mt. Baloy-daku: Four Days Cursing the River, Leeches, Ragiwriw, and everything in Between

The interest of hiking Mt. Baloy Daku all started with fandom. I have a weird habit of reading all posts of a blogger if I find him/her interesting. After reading Sir Adonis’ ninety-day immersion amongst the mountains of Cordillera (I Found God in the Mountains), I got engrossed on the rest of his stories – including his several attempts of reaching Mt. Baloy’s summit.