Everything I need to know I learned in playing Mobile Legends

I’ve been playing Mobile Legends for more than two years now, and by far, it’s the longest that stayed in my phone. That alone is already an achievement. I thought it was just some kind of bandwagon ride, of boredom – that I’ll get over and delete soon. But looking at it right now, maybe it stayed that long for a reason. … More Everything I need to know I learned in playing Mobile Legends

Because creativity takes courage

But in this daunting age of social media, creativity greatly requires courage. Whatever you post online can either make or break you – even your own opinion, thoughts, or stories. My write-ups weren’t spared from such criticisms. They became subjects of not so healthy arguments. And the critics – or shall I say bashers – didn’t settle with just scrutinizing; they went below the belt. Personal attacks were fired. Curses flew like confetti in a raging war. But you know what hurt the most? It’s when trusted allies turn their backs on you. … More Because creativity takes courage

I hope you stop asking your purpose

What is my purpose? We’ve all been suffering from this notion: of not finding the reason why we live, of not playing a big role in the great tapestry of life. When this question is left unanswered, this becomes an unhealthy concept that we end up trying to question every single day. But what we fail to see is that: purpose does not have a stable meter. It does not need to be superbly great. It does not focus on one single goal. … More I hope you stop asking your purpose

Why Dakilanglaagan?

Of all the screen names in the world, why choose “laagan”? The dictionary provides a number of words that can come together to produce a domain name that would be both catchy and suggesting on its niche; but why did I settle for something as unfamiliar as “laagan?”   Numerous culminating activities were held yesterday … More Why Dakilanglaagan?

Lumba’g Pangita: Heritage Race to Understanding Oneself more

Can you name the Basque sailor who found the image of the Sto. Nino? How about the President of the Philippines during the time when Governor Sotero Cabahug was requesting for funds to build the Capitol building? Or the son of Senator Rama who died with President Magsaysay during the unfortunate plane crash at Mt. … More Lumba’g Pangita: Heritage Race to Understanding Oneself more