In case you forgot, you're allowed to rest and do things that will make you happy

In case you forgot, you’re allowed to rest and do things that make you happy

While everyone is capitalizing on being productive in this time of pandemic – to venture into a new hobby, look for new job opportunities, stay on top of the demands at work – I realized that it is also equally important to take a break. To just do nothing because resting is also a form of productivity.

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How Kdrama kept me sane while in Quarantine

Traveling has always been my personal means of escaping the hassles of work and naggings of life. Weekends were my ‘me time’ – a time to recharge, to eliminate the toxics of my life, to connect with nature. But the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has left me constrained within the four-walls of our house, surrounded by concrete buildings, chained by regulations forbidding any geographical movement.

My mind has become a gruesome battlefield for almost four months of quarantine now.

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