“Taste your way around the Philippines.”

The Philippines takes pride of its natural resources, making it one of the most visited countries for tours and vacation. Aside from filling the tourists’ and adventurers’ eyes with the beauty of the place, it is also but fitting to fill, as well, the stomach of every thrill-seeking adventurers.

Here are the top five food that you have to try in Palawan and the Ilocos region.

  • Tamilok (woodworm) – Palawan
  • P100.00 per saucer

tamilok_zpse3f491d0images  By-Yhen

  • Dinamita (chili stuffed with cheese and dipped into mayo) – Ilocos Sur
  • P120.00 (Resto Grille)


  • Bagnet (half chicharon – half lechon kawali – half adobo) – Ilocos Norte
  • P180.00 – P350.00 (depends on pack size)

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  • Empanada – (giant empanada stuffed with meat, longganisa, egg and spices) Ilocos Sur
  • P30.00 (near the Heritage Site)



  • Chick Barbecue (chick cooked the same way as barbecue) – Vigan street food
  • On stick prize – P10.00 | Restaurant prize – P100+


There’s actually a lot of food to choose from from these places. And more to go when you go to another places. But this could be a good start. Bon appetit!