Travel quote | dakilanglaagan | Papertowns
Travel quote | dakilanglaagan | Papertowns

My trip to the Palawan archipelago and the Ilocos Region was the longest getaway I had from home – ten days to be exact. For some, that’d be pretty short but for me who’s been a home buddy and just recently found the love to stay outdoors, that is of same equivalence of a year. That’d be an exaggeration of course. Kay, I’ll not spend the whole blog entry ranting and debating with myself. The purpose of this entry is to share my thoughts and reflections over the memorable trips I had. During the long hours of conquering the seas and dwelling with both coastal and zigzag roads, I have come to realize the following:

paoay sand dunes | dakilaglaagan

  1. Travelling allows you to discover a lot of things about yourself.

All those years, I thought I have come to know myself more; however, during the journey, I have come to realize that there’s still an infinite information I didn’t know about myself – something that the four walls and comforts of our house hindered me from seeing and experiencing.

 Vigan City | dakilanglaagan

  1. The world does not revolve around you.

Sometimes, because of our status in life or the achievements we had, we came up with this unconscious state that makes us think that others will prioritize us or give optimum attention (to tourists/ adventurers); however, when we reach the location, we will soon realize that we are of equal state and that sometimes, money and position does not talk. We need to work our ass off in order to get the deal we need and to make the most of our trip.

palawan under ground river | dakilanglaagan

  1. Be nice to people.

No matter what the circumstances are, always, always and always be nice to the people you meet wherever you are. Enemies and conflicts are the last thing that you would wish to have in a tour. Do not let a simple misunderstanding or comment ruin your mood or the whole activity. Unless it’s necessary to be mean, be in your nicest disposition in dealing with people for you’ll never know when you will meet them again. Remember that whoever you meet on the way up, you will also meet them on the way down. Just a reminder.

paoay sand dunes | dakilanglaagan

  1. Keep your foolishness to yourself.

Probably out of excitement or just plain arrogance, we sometimes tend to show off things which paves unnecessary. Not only does this apply to things but as well as comments. Some people purposely mention highlights of their possessions and achievements even if it’s out of content just to show off.

  1. Your comments do not define others, they define you.

taraw cliff | el nido

As Oprah Winfrey said, make your words soft and sweet just in case you in eat them. :)

  1. True beauties are the ones behind the photographs.

Society today teaches us to post pictures whenever and wherever we are. Because of this, DSLRs have become an instant fashion item and people who have them are automatically labeled as photographers. This sometimes hinders people from seeing the real beauty of the pictures. Instead of focusing and appreciating the beauty in front of them, people tend to keep their eyes behind the lenses and figure out the best angle to take the picture, what filters should be used and what captions would fit perfectly to the images taken. Our mindsets are already on how to make others appreciate what you have taken instead of really appreciating the beauty the lies before our own eyes.

coron | dakilanglaagan
coron | dakilanglaagan

But more than anything else, the most important thing to remember on a travel journey is to make every moment remarkable and worth remembering. Make the most of it because that maybe the last you come to visit the place. We’ll never know. Bon voyage!