Found the Love of my life in Palawan

Dear Palawan,


To tell you frankly, I am a hopeless romantic. I’ve grow up with my mom feeding me with all the fairytale books I needed and my classmates in high school luring me into the infinite adventures of romance pocketbooks. You can truly say, and I will never deny, that the idea of a happily ever after has been running through my veins. I am so in love with the idea of being in love. In my two decades of existence, I still do hope that one day, I’ll be able to experience the thing that they called love. Then like a casted spell, I didn’t see it coming; I just felt it. My heart throbbed like crazy and everything moved like in slow motion. It was then that I realized that I fell in love.

I fell in love with your islands and its white, sugar-like sands at CYC Beach (Coron).

cyc cyc2

I fell in love with your crystal clear waters (Hidden Lagoon).


I fell in love with the cold splash and warm embrace of your lagoons (Twin lagoon).



I fell in love with your creepy stories, myths and legends (Barracuda Lake).


I fell in love with your rock formations (Kayangan Lake).


I fell in love with your coral reefs and fish sanctuaries (Queen Reef).


I fell in love with your historic sunken Japanese Ships (Irako, Okikawa Maru, Akitsushima, Kogyo Maru Olympia Maru and Kyokuzan Maru)


I fell in love with your sunset best viewed at Mount Tapyas.

sunset 11072727_10200685925266193_8514131577213108920_n

And more and more in love with the sunrise at Taraw Cliff.


I fell in love with the rush of the wind caressing my face as I ziplined from one island to another (Maramegmeg Zipline).


I fell in love with your appetizing and mouth-watering boodle fight (Kaptain’s Grill).


I fell in love with your economical and meticulously-handmade souvenir (Puerto Prinsesa).


I fell in love with your cheap and nutritious cashews (Puerto Prinsesa).


I fell in love with the mystical beauty of the Subterranean National Park.


And hopelessly fell under your spell as I witness the enchanting splendor of the Underground River.



But most of all, I fell in love with your people – your kind, loving and very much hospitable people – not to mention, very good cooks and tour guides (with Joy and Oyeah).


As much as I wanted to stay longer in your arms, the call for responsibility and financial stability stands between our ways. However, never ever think that I will forget you, lest replace your special space in my heart. I might find the one that I will truly love, but remember always that you’ll be my first love.

Always and forever,


P.S. Photo credits: Bernadeth Fernandez | Wilma Mangubat | Delia Besabella | Lizelle Canastra | Jesrel | Cyndi Escala