Why are you still SINGLE?


“There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of your solo journey.” – Mandy Hale

She sat on one of the rocky edges of the summit of the mountain they just climbed and fed her eyes with the bountiful graces of God upon humanity. The trees have been waltzing to the music orchestrated by the cold wind that’s been embracing them as the sun continued illuminating its lights, slowly submerging to the waiting arms of the seas. But what really completed such marvelous scenery was the sight of the lovely couple who had been dearly holding each other and whispering words of love and promises of forever. Behold, it was totally beautiful!


Then she began to ponder why on earth she’s still alone, though not lonely. Throngs of memories and realizations rushed upon her head. And just like those long-forgotten stories, the chapters of her life started to unfold.

She thought that the reason why she’s still single is because she saw a lot of failed relationships. She had consoled a lot of friends, and even family members who had their hearts broken by the very person they believed to take care of it.

Probably because it dawned to her that media had been exaggerating the concept of love, romance, destiny, serendipity, and even forever.

Or because she took a lot of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment subjects and even graduated in an all girls school.

Maybe she had a very strong personality that intruders find it hard to deploy on her radius. Come to think of it, she grew up competing with them and trying to prove to them that she’s way better.

Perhaps she had her heart broken a lot of times that she got too tired to piece them back together to be broken again by another stranger who’ll promise to take care of it.


Possibly, because she didn’t embrace vanity and profanities. She’s never interested into wearing heavy make-up, dressing up for bitching purposes, and social climbing just to fish sympathy from others.

Most likely, it is because she’s more interested with nature – into going to the wilderness, climbing mountains, cliffjumping into the unknown, and settling for breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise – than staying on coffee shops, faking to read novels while secretly spying that cute guy who’s also faking to make documents on his tab.


Maybe it’s because she’s been surrounded with cheerful and contented single friends as well, whose happiness don’t lie on flowers, stuff toys, and love fallacies but on French fries, pizza, cold beers, and nonsense talks.

Or probably because most of the men she met are either happily taken, married, in a religious commitment, interested in the same specie, or long too far from her standards.

She remembered back then praying for a guy who’ll be with her. She even asked signs, completed novenas for that, and even bargained with God. But she thought He’s busy attending to the prayers of the others or probably undecided when and how she’ll met the man that suits her.

Then she heard somebody called her name. Needless to turn, she fairly knew who it was.  They had been friends for quite sometime that she had mastered already his antics. Then it hit her. A realization she should have long put into mind.


Their eyes met. He’s been there all along. Friendzoned.