Poetry: What Mattered…


Like any other brokenhearted souls,

I stood still and looked at you;

I don’t know how it started,

but this is how it ended.

After months of putting so much effort unto each other,

Sleepless nights that brought you headache,

So much time that we thought really mattered,

Much money that literally emptied your pocket,

Much pressure that caused you trouble with your friends,

and so much of perseverance in hope for everything to work out…

it ended – errr.. we ended like this.

I don’t know if you’d still remember.


Probably I was just another stepping stone,

lesson learned on mistake you have to take;

but believe me, what we had was real.

I witness how scared you were upon introducing me,

how hopeful you were upon exploring what we had, and

how happy you were when our relationship was approved.

I know that was real.

I know I mattered.


So when you think life has given up on you,

don’t be afraid to visit me.

I’ll be waiting for you.

Because amongst all things,

you mattered to me.

You created me.