Canyoning in Biliran: Reawakening the Spirit of Adventure

Canyoning Biliran

I am an addict. The ecstasy brought by being on higher grounds creates a tingling sensation in my system. The solvent, that envelopes my senses, makes me crave something more, something better. And the daily dose of heroin injected upon me, allows me to taste the sweet heavens and perspire like I’m burning in the deep realms of the earth. I am an addict.


But don’t get me wrong. The drug that I have been referring to is not the ones purchased over the counter or under the table. What I’m referring to is the severe addiction to the outdoors—the mountains, waterfalls, infinite stretch of the seas, and marvelous love scenes of the sun and the skies. And having been contained in my working place for quite some time brings terrible agony for my kind. The last time I felt my heart thumping like crazy was when we had our ninja-toploading trip to Buscalan, Kalinga. After that, my sedentary lifestyle took over. And it didn’t feel good.

Hi Chasing Potaoes!

Good thing, Glister of invited me to her Canyoning activity in Biliran. Yes, aside from Cebu’s Alegria-to-Badian’s Canyoneering activity, Biliran boasts of its unique and extreme canyoneering. I first heard of this from Adrenaline Romance during our rock climbing session at Poog Crag. Having been duly fed off their amazing adventures, I immediately agreed and embarked on an adventure with Chasing Potatoes.

From Cebu, we took a fastcraft to Ormoc then rode a v-hire bound for Biliran. We met with the master caver of Samar – Sir Joni Bonifacio – and spent the night with people who’ll be with us on the activity the following day.

Toploading to Barangay Sampao

By morning, we took a short trip to Talahid Beach Resort and then set forth to the jump-off area in Barangay Sampao. On the way, we witnessed the meticulously crafted Iyusan Rice Terraces.


After the 20-minute ride, we arrived at Barangay Sampao where we had our registration, orientation, and GTKY. When everything was set, we then started the trek to Sampao River.


The trek entails passing through thick vegetation, steep and “kiss-the-wall” trails, loose soil, huge boulders and hanging unto roots and ravines.

Gears and equipment for canyoning

Whew! At last, we arrived at the starting point of the adventure – a shallow lagoon decorated with boulders and few cascading waters. We immediately fitted the gears needed – cow’s tail lifelines, floater, neoprene wet suit, and safety helmets.

Bouldering and river trekking to jumpoff

Before rocking the boat, we had a short orientation on the basics of rappelling – quite complicated at first but actually easy to manage.

And now… the drug that I have been waiting for has started to take effect on me!

Check out this video crafted by Chasing Potatoes!

Upon sliding into the first pool, I realized why the activity has been labeled as “extreme”. The word is indeed fitting for the numerous jumping, sliding, rappelling, and climbing that we have done. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t survive with the activity that we have set foot into. It was more than what I thought I could do! Literally, scary. HUHUHU

Rappeling down the waterfalls

But you see, when you are surrounded by people like Kara Santos of Traveling-up who just jumps and rappels as if it’s just a normal thing done by humans, and Chasing Potatoes who’s been giving her best even if she’s already trembling and as white as snow, it’s difficult to back-out. Come to think of it, I have to live by the name I have given myself – Dakilanglaagan.

Knees trembling like crazy. HAHAHAHA

 The last part of the activity was the 90-100 feet rappel down to Ulan-ulan Falls. I ended up being the last to go down because my comrades are dying to see the beauty of Ulan-ulan Falls, as well as, dying to end the day’s event. It felt good at first – being able to relax and reflect on the beauty of the surroundings. However, the longer I stayed at the place, the more I felt agitated. So when our guide and belayer announced that it’d be my turn already, I immediately went to his side, mounted the rope, and then rappelled downwards.

Having been doing the stunt a number of times, I started to rappel fast. Going down entails a lot of patience and presence of mind. It felt fine at first but slowly the dopamine strike I had lost its effect. I realized that I have been hanging too long and I can no longer see the guide on top because of the water cascading upon me. I can’t see also where I am going! It’s just me, the mossy waterfalls, the karabiner, and the rope!  



I was on the verge of panicking. Good thing I came to my senses. This is my drug after all. I have to finish my session…

Rappelling down Ulan-ulan Falls

Jawdrop. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. I knew I looked like a fool but I just couldn’t help myself from looking up and down. I couldn’t believe that I was able to survive the canyoning activity! Hurray!

Huh, I conquered you!

Looking at the mighty Ulan-ulan Falls, I realized that there’s so much more that I have to learn about myself. Like the waterfalls which looked so elusively beautiful at first sight, but offer an extreme and life-changing experience to whoever dares to set for on an adventure with it. So deceiving. And probably most of what we encounter in life is as deceiving as these waterfalls, like drugs that give a mighty feeling at first.  Moderation. Yes, that’s the secret. In order to address our cravings, we have to do things in moderation to maintain our equilibrium, the earth’s equilibrium.

To give life to our tedious existence, we have to travel and challenge ourselves once in a while. To give life to others, we have to share our time, stories, pieces of advice, and other resources with those in need. To give life to the earth, we have to take part in its rehabilitation and development of it.

This is what my drugs do to me. How about yours?

Everything you need to know about Canyoning in Biliran

  1. For Biliran tour and canyoning guideship, keep in touch with Sir Jonie Bonifacio of Trexplore the Adventures. You can check them through the following:
  • Contact number: 0919-2943865 / 0927-6750062 / 063-055-2512301
  • Email: /
  • Website:Trexplore the Adventures
  • Facebook: Trexplore the Adventures
  1.  A downpayment of 50% is required to confirm your booking (reservation fee is non-refundable but transferable). Cancellation due to an unforeseen situation does not entitle you to a full refund. However, you have the option to reschedule your adventure at no added charges. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

RATE: P3,000.00 per person (1 to 4 people) and P2,500.00 per person (5 – 10 people) with the following inclusions: whole day canyoning in Sampao River, 2 guides, porters, lunch, complete set of top-quality equipment from Europe, photos and certificates.

NOTE: Anyone from 15 years of age and above can do this adventure as long as they are reasonably healthy. First timers are welcome. Number of participants is limited to 10 per day.

  1. Canyoning in Biliran Itinerary
011:00pmMeetup with Chasing Potataoes
 12:00pmDepart from Cebu Pier to Ormoc City
 4:00pmETA Ormoc Port; V-hire bound for Biliran
 7:00pmMeet-up with Sir Jonie and company
 8:00amDeparture to Barangay Sampao
 9:30amStart of trek to Canyoning jumpoff
 11:00amStart of canyoning session
 1:00pmLate lunch
 4:30pmRappel to Ulan-ulan Falls
 6:00pmETD from Barangay Sampao
28:00amETD to Kawayan Port, board boat to Sambawan Island
 4:00pmETD to Kawayan Port
36:00amV-hire to Naval, Biliran
 7:00amV-hire to Ormoc
 11:00amEarly lunch
 12:00pmBoard boat bound to Cebu City
  1. Accommodation
  2. Expenses:
  • Boat fare to Ormoc – P500.00
  • V-hire fare to Naval, Biliran – P130.00
  • Canyoning Package – P3,000.00
  • Sambawan Island Package – P2,500.00

*For further inquiries, feel free to drop your comments below, contact me via Facebook or check for details. Have fun!