48 Hours in Leyte: What to do



Because of its geographical location, the Eastern Visayas can’t draw a lot of visitors compared to the other provinces of the Philippines. However, my recent trip to Biliran made me realize that this silent region has a lot to offer and has been duly waiting for explorers to unleash its hidden glory.

Before the month of October ended, I was able to visit again Leyte and Southern Leyte and was able to experience another set of adventure in the area. Check these crazy but awesome things that I’ve done in this secluded region!

  1. Get blown at Hanginan 14910277_1130518750316920_2788955769391597747_n

What if I tell you that you can actually whisper to the wind your hopes of finding the person you want to grow old with? Well, try visiting Hanginan – a chapel located at the peak of Maasin City, Southern Leyte. The site has been renowned to many because of the miraculous deeds that St. Francis Javier has done to his visitors – including finding the love of your life!

  1. Feast at Pagatpat pagatpat2pagatpat3Pagatpat is a local term for mangroves.


    Budol fight/ Budol feast

Budol is a typical Filipino manner of eating together. A sumptuous set of food is served in a banana leaf and people gather around and share food to everybody. Try an delectable seafood budol for an affordable price at Pagatpat. To entice you, they also have a live band to serenade you while you eat and you can stay on their cottage-like huts that gives a perfect view of Canigao Island.

  1. Chase sandbar at Canigao Island  canigao2canigao

You’ve read it right! Chasing sandbar! HAHA. This is because you have to hurry in taking photos of the snake-like sandbar during lowtide since it quickly submerges. The small island can be toured in a few minutes and several activities can also be done on site like snorkeling, free diving, and all the other things that you can do on the beach. Click for amazing suggestions.

Click here to see drone shots and video of the island.

  1. Get wild with the monkeys of Hindang Caves hindang1hindang2hindang3

If you don’t want hundreds of monkeys to chase you, don’t bring food and beverage with you. It’s scary, I tell you. Been there. Done that. HAHAHA. The site has nine caves where wild monkeys roam and hang around. Visitors are discouraged from bringing anything palatable because these monkeys are sure to snatch whatever you’re eating. Feeding them is also discouraged for it will invite more and more monkeys towards the visitor – resulting to a monkey attack! The caves are safe though and the Cathedral cave is a must visit!

  1. Witness the marvelous sunset at the Boulevard boulevard

If you’re in trouble and just wanted to get through the day, order a bottle of beer and chill out at the Boulevard then release your inhibitions together with the romantic scene of the dazzling sun going back to the loving arms of the seas.

  1. Test drive at The Diversion diversion

A new driver? Check how brave you can be by testing your driving skills at the Diversion – an uphill road surrounded by rice plantation and coconut that connects to the different barangays and municipalities of Baybay, Leyte.

  1. Chill at San Juan Falls  

Leyte has also tons of waterfalls to offer to waterfalls chasers out there. One accessible spot is the waterfalls located in San Juan to which most people call as Busay sa San Juan. Getting into the waterfalls entails river trekking, hiking, and bouldering. Since it’s not that renowned, you can expect a sensual encounter with the lucid waters of the mesmerizing waterfalls given that very few visit the area.

  1. Get high at Agas-agas Bridge agasagas

You don’t have an acrophobia? See if you can survive looking down from the tallest bridge in the country – Agas-agas Bridge!

  1. Take squadgoal pictures at VSU vsu

Aside from being the center of agricultural education, this institution holds amazing views that will surely entice your Instagram feats! See a vast plantation of rice and other variety of plants, resorts near beaches, amphitheater, and all-in accommodation in this university!

  1. Be as tan as the sand beachsand

Because of its volcanic origin, most parts of Leyte and Southern Leyte have sparkling black sands. This may not be the mainstreamed white beach like Boracay, Palawan and Bantayan, but surely it offers new experience to beach bums out there.

Non-swimmer? No worries. Click here to know what else can you do at the beach even if you don’t know how to swim!

And that’s barely a quarter of Region VIII! How much more if I can visit the other places, like crossing the famed San Juanico Bridge and conquering the biggest cave system in Samar!

Where else can I go? Email me at marjgabuya@yahoo.com or chat with me on Facebook! We can work together on that!