When some things are not meant to be at Lintaon Peak

Sunset at Lintaon Peak (c) Dakilanglaagan

My heart sank together with the sun setting on the arms of the seas while we’re on the summit of Lintaon Peak. The splash of lilacs and pinks would have fallen a great background to the alluring lights of the blossoms that sparked light at Lintaon Peak but I was not allowed to capture that moment. My heart weeps because sometimes, no matter how much you will, some things are just not meant to be.

Beaching in Baybay (c) Dakilanglaagan

The journey to Lintaon Peak started as an out-of-the-blue plan. We were eating our lunch at Minahal Kita native restaurant when Badeth announced that we’d be going to Lintaon Peak to witness the sunset. It was a perfect activity to end the first day of our stay in Leyte. Earlier that day, we took a dip at the beach across Badeth’s house. All in all, it was but a productive day.

Sumptuous lunch at Lintaon Peak (c) Dakilanglaagan

We took a tricycle in going back to Baybay proper then another tricycle going to the junction where we can hire a habal-habal going to Lintaon Peak. It was approximately a 30-minute ride and we came exactly when the sun was about to set. Despite the absence of shade, the cold mountain breeze soothe the warmth of the sun. Litaon Peak gives a picturesque overlooking view of Baybay City, neighboring rolling hills, Camotes Sea, and (on clear days) Cuatro Islas and Camote group of islands.



But aside from sunset, Lintaon Peak is best enjoyed at night because of its 16,000 LED roses that light up when darkness comes. If you’ve read about my post of Jardin Necitas in Bohol, you’ll know my growing desire to witness these buds glow at night. We were quietly marveling the sunset when out of nowhere the wind became stronger and drops of water began pouring. Wilma and Agustine immediately secured baby Amarise while Badeth instantly assisted Nanay in going back to the function hall where the entrance is located. As much as we wanted to stay, we have to hurry and go back to the city proper before the roads get slippery.

Of sunsets and heartbreaks (c) Dakilanglaagan

And just when we’re already on our way home, the rain stopped. I could still see Lintaon Peak – beautifully lighted up with the phrase “I love Baybay”. The beautiful explosion of pinks and lilacs would have played a perfect background to those roses. But I can only appreciate it from afar.

Lintaon Peak (c) Dakilanglaagan

It’s sad. And sometimes, I couldn’t help but wonder if life is just this playful with us. As mean. As bully. It would be easier to look at it that way but it will only end up with frustration. I don’t want that. You see, sometimes life doesn’t perfectly go with how and when we want it to happen. And it’s fine. Maybe we should just learn to slow down and stop from trying so hard. In fact, maybe we should stop giving a timeline or an expiration date and just enjoy the little moments we had – the beautiful sunset, the safe ride back home, and the thought of having more reasons to come back to Baybay. Everything will come when it needs to. Just be a little more patient. What is meant will come when it’s supposed to. Just have a little faith in the timing and that tomorrow will always be better. Always.


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  • Going to Lintaon Peak entails two means of transportation: pedicab and habal-habal. From Baybay City’s terminal, hire a tricycle bound for Barangay Pomponan. One way fare is at P15.00.
  • Tell the driver that you are bound for Lintaon Peak. He will then bring you to the station where the habal-habal drivers bound for Lintaon Peak are located. Reminder: The road to the peak is steep with gradual ascents and descents. One way fare is P25/head.
  • You can either make arrangements with the driver to wait for you or just hire other habal-habal drivers stationed in the area.
  • Lintaon Peak Entrance Fee: P25 per person.

TIPS and TRICKS for your LINTAON PEAK Adventure

  • Because Lintaon Peak is located at the highest point of Baybay City and directly facing the waters, expect strong winds upon reaching the summit. Hence, make sure to fix your hair before doing your photoshoots. HAHA.
  • Bring umbrella, cap, jacket, and other sun and rain protection. Except for the reception area, there is no other covered area in Lintaon Peak.
  • To save a little money, bring your own snacks and water as these can be a little expensive at Lintaon Peak.


Always be a responsible traveler. Clean as you go. Whatever you have brought in the area, bring it back with you. Always practice the Leave no Trace Principles. Enjoy!

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