IN PHOTOS: 10 Squadgoal Photos that will Entice you to Visit Samar and Leyte


With the influx of high-powered cameras and superbly-advanced smartphones nowadays, it is easy to get those magazine-like shots and get featured on different social media programs. However, in our eagerness to share those beautifully captured photos, we have neglected to savor the magnificence set before us and experience firsthand the gentleness of the waves, the salty breeze of the sea, the radiance of the rays of the sun, and the exchange of compliments among friends. We have forgotten to engage our senses and notice the exquisiteness of the world and the people around us.

On our recent trip to Samar and Leyte I have realized that sometimes, what makes the place amazing are the people that you are with and the things that you have done together. Squadgoals, they call it. I have already discussed on my post on Taraw Cliff the advantages and disadvantages of going solo and going on groups. This time, I find the latter more enjoyable. The photos below will tell you why.

Sunset Silhouette Shot at Marabut, Basey, Samar
Flower Petal Formation at Sohoton Hanging Bridge, Samar
Ready-for-Kayaking-Adventure Pose at Sohoton Cave, Samar
Boodle Feast, Sohoton Cave, Samar
Lunch at Tia Tita’s in Palo, Leyte
Mandatory Group Picture before the Tour Proper
Dab pose at Sohoton Cave, Samar
Photo Op at Alitaptap Room, Sto. Nino Shrine, Tacloban, Leyte
Mandatory Pictorial after the Interaction with the Yolanda Survivors at Pope Francis Home for Orphans and Elderly
McArthur’s Squad Pose at McArthur Memorial Park, Palo, Leyte

Truly, sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the people that you are with. Take into account the places that look so good and tranquil on photos but a total havoc in reality. You can’t blame the place for gathering a lot of people. You are part of the crowd now. So instead of ranting over how displeasing the place has become, why not enjoy it instead? Get crazy with your friends. Eat. Talk. Drink. Camp. Socialize. Hence, this time, I encourage you to look at the place with tenderness. As Pinoy mountaineer said, stop relegating to the camera what should be foremost for the eyes. Enjoy the moment with family and friends (or whoever you are with) and when you feel satisfied with the experience given by the place, then take pictures. Take as many as you can. But never ever forget to enjoy it first.

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If you want to enjoy a DIY trip like this, feel free to communicate with Irah Bantasan of Ormoc Tourism Office for details. You can check with her on Facebook or throught this number 0932 – 850 – 0734.