Moana: A Perfect Movie for Adventurers at Heart


“There’s just not telling how far I’ll go.”

I hate to admit this, but I’m afraid I am no longer living the name I have dared to call myself – Dakilanglaagan. The year is ending and yet here I am, stuck at home and dealing with documents and articles that I need to submit before the clock ticks 12:00. 2017. But what can I do? As much as I wanted to follow the footsteps of those travel bloggers (or even those who are not blogging) who found the courage to leave work in order to travel to different parts of the world, I cannot. I belong to an average Filipino family and leaving them in order to pursue my selfish dreams… is simply not a thing for me. Right breadwinners? HAHA.


But you see, the adventurer in me just cannot be contained in a four-walled room. My feet itch to reach another summit. My skin misses its normal “overly-cooked” color. And my brain craves to relax and reflect about the things that are going on in my mind. And it is in these sedentary moments that I saw a post on Facebook about the Disney movie titled Moana.

I’ve read its review on a local newspaper. And the writer abhorred such movie saying it’s too violent, scary, and cliché. I was left uninterested until a colleague of mine, who watched the movie together with her children shared that it was good. My eyebrow rose. I have a quite high standard with regards to movie. When you say it’s good, it might be too unworthy for me. I had my heart broken a lot of times for expecting too much because people say it’s good… but it’s actually not. So when another colleague shared her own review of the movie, I had my standards tested.


The story revolved around a chieftain’s daughter, Moana, who has been chosen by the sea to locate a demigod to restore the heart of Tiffiti in order to stop the plague that’s pestering their island. Like any other Disney animated movie, it has songs and striking lines that would deeply penetrate the viewers’ movie experience. But what really moved me was the spirit of adventure that has been shown all through the movie. The lines of the song and the characters of the movie are vibrant reminders that we are all wanderers. We are all in a journey. Figuratively and literally.

Here are some of my favorite striking lines in the movie.

“Sometimes, the world seems against you. The journey may leave a scar. But scars can heal and reveal you.”
“The people you love will change you. The things you have learned will guide you. And nothing on Earth can silence the quite voice still inside you.”
“And the call isn’t out there at all. It’s inside me.”



“See the light where the sky meets the sea. It calls me. No one knows how far it goes.”

“If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me. One day I’ll know. If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll know.”
“There comes a day when you’re gonna look around and realize that happiness is where you are.”
“Every turn I take, every trail I track is a choice I make. Now I can’t turn back from the great unknown. Where I go alone. Where I long to be.”

I don’t know if I’ve convinced you enough to watch the movie. I’m not that good at convincing people. The reason why I’m not in the marketing department. WAHAHAHA. But it actually revealed that I don’t actually need to be always on the road or on the mountains. It’s not a competition and nobody gets a Nobel Prize for doing so. Sometimes, pausing for moments and letting things be done as nature crafted it, can also be an adventure in its own context – I’m not stopping by; just trying to decide where to go next.

“See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me…”