Camotes Island: A Quick Getaway for the Barkada

Oh yes, we literally own the shore!

Admit it or not, it’s difficult to bring back the time when you and your college clique together. How many times have you postponed that dinner-get-together? How many times did you experience a conflict of schedules? Friend Number One is a busy bee – even responding to your message is taxing on her part. Friend Number Two is the promising one – gives you all the false hopes you need to push through for the event. Friend Number Three is the free data – always on the go as long as everything is on you. And there you are, Friend Number Four, the organizer – the ever optimistic friend who keeps “drawing” and “drawing” and “drawing” out those plans. Remains too hopeful for that one day when everybody could insert that short get-together.


You see, real life sucks. Back in college, you’ve always thought that life would be better once you successfully defended that thesis, accomplished OJT requirements, and graduated undergrad. However, life has never been better after college. You’ve realize that you can no longer copy-paste assignments, slack off during reports, and look forward for dismissal. You have greater responsibilities right now, even if you didn’t apply to be Spiderman. That’s the reason why you crave to hang out with your friends and just bring back those elusive memories of college days.

Now, if you still can’t agree where to spend that get-together of yours without affecting your hectic scheds, you can try a quick trip to one of Cebu’s finest islands: Camotes.


Why is Camotes perfect for a quick trip?

Aside from being so accessible: just a boat away from Danao City (via Roro) or from Cebu City (via OceanJet), the amazing destinations around the island can be visited in a day!

Here’s how:

  • Book the earliest scheduled trip to Camotes. (5:30am – Danao and 5:00am – Pier 1, Cebu City)
  • Contact a multicab driver who will tour you around the island. You can try to contact the following numbers (09499556721/ 09157740915 ). They only charge P1,700.00 for the whole day tour. Multicab capacity can reach up to 15. Divide it. Do the Math. HAHA
  • Entrance fees for every tourist destination range from P5.00 – P20.00. Yes, as cheap as that.
  • Camping and pitching your hammocks can also be done on selected beaches of the island should you want to extend your get-together.
  • On the other hand, if you want to stick to the day tour, you can catch the last trip back to Cebu (3pm via OceanJet and 5:30pm via Roro to Danao).

Places to visit:

  • Buho Rock (P20.00)                                16265615_1217443621624432_8497008874286212566_ndsc_0833dsc_0812dsc_0817
  • Timubo Cave (P25.00)                            dsc_092016387269_1217443844957743_3666301914450702058_n
  • Lake Danao                                    
    Mini island in the middle of Lake Danao
    Drone shot :)
    Drone shot :)


    And the person behind those drone shot! HUMAN DRONE :)
  • Bakawan Beach (P10.00)                                                                                             dsc_0046
  • Santiago Beach (P10.00 – parking fee only)                             dsc_0952-edit                                   
  • Mangodlong Rock Formation Beach (P20.00 – excluding the use of amenities like pool and shower)                                                                                                               dsc_0014

Total Expenses: P1,000.00/ pax

Hoping you find some time to finally put that travel plan of yours into realization! Have you been to Camotes? Were the waves friendly to you? Have you visited other sites than the ones we have been to? Feel free to comment below or chat with me on Facebook. Here out my IG stories as well. Follow me @dakilanglaagan. Thanks! :) :) :)