23 Lessons that Guimaras taught me about Adulting


“New York Time’s Best Selling Author. Graduate of Master Studies. Or survive another Bachelor’s Degree. Own a vehicle. Settle down. This is how I see myself five years from now.”

Sadly, none of these is close to my current state. Poor old self. HAHA. I chanced upon these answers on an overly-used rhetoric question posted by our professor in college about how we envision ourselves five years after graduation. Instead of pursuing one of those teenage dreams, I am now at Iloilo airport at four in the morning, wondering what has become of my life. Several days before my twenty-third birthday I decided to go solo again. This time, with no particular itinerary in mind. No goals. No concrete destination. No expectations.

Photographing the photographer. HAHA. This is a co-passenger on the plane who happened to be my co-passenger in going to SM and co-passenger again in going to Parola.

I found myself getting inside a v-hire bound for SM Iloilo then riding a jeepney going to Parola. By six in the morning, I was at 7/11, hungry, sleepy, and still uncertain of what was installed for the day. Then I bought a ticket bound for the island across the developing city – Guimaras. And for the first time that day, after sitting in between a child playing with a unicorn and an old woman holding dearly her gallons of tuba, I figured out what I wanted to do – to let life take its course. And in that solo adventure, the following dawned to me.

  1. Things don’t usually follow according to your timeline. 18423724_1321721764529950_8060030111260354529_n
  2. Some things are meant to be done alone.  18403666_1321721847863275_6794821722909686031_n
  3. Fewer friends, lesser conflicts.  18403526_1321721111196682_2570054303900208282_n
  4. Young enough to make lifetime decisions; old enough to be held responsible for the mess.  18403635_1321721347863325_5959748725465665435_n
  5. The best things in life come free to us.  18403522_1321721141196679_509384482854544765_n
  6. If you can’t beat them, try harder.  18403501_1321720741196719_7072738822347356782_n
  7. Keep it slow, but steady.  18485614_1321721577863302_2628031985424813952_n
  8. There’s nothing wrong with being single.  18403417_1321720771196716_4140933977567012637_n
  9. Love when you are ready, not when you are lonely. 18425368_1321721317863328_2901484484491965390_n
  10. You don’t know everything. In fact, you’ll never know everything. But make the most of what you know. 18403200_1321721397863320_188456818453550930_n
  11. Life beats in the same rhythm: you try, you fail, you learn, you change, you grow. 18403143_1321721664529960_2621899339127530081_n
  12. The roads we walk have demons beneath; sometimes, we are the demons ourselves. 18485567_1321721237863336_3513698145357204156_n
  13. Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can’t have rainbow without a little rain.  18485469_1321720871196706_2129169478258878407_n
  14. Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. 18425485_1321721461196647_3808645184347006901_n
  15. Higher altitude makes life less complicated. This is why mountain is love. 18446936_1321721424529984_6698897018083860090_n
  16. Add some chaos to your life. 18425308_1321721621196631_8883629171495325832_n
  17. Bravery is doing something without fear but far braver are those who face their fears.  18423829_1321721081196685_6155523106777667094_n
  18. Not because something sounds crazy it already means that it isn’t true.  18403004_1321721257863334_8356131381426604678_n
  19. No matter what the situation is, never let your emotions over power your intelligence. 18402688_1321721287863331_910537707314442404_n
  20. You’re free to speak your mind. But everybody is not obliged to hear it. 18402689_1321721727863287_8107593373061167623_n
  21. Sometimes, the best reply is not to reply at all. 18342701_1321720811196712_2536196014964419182_n
  22. There is no assurance that life will get better. And it’s okay. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  23. Have a little faith. Even a small ounce will do. Just have it. 18485263_1321721021196691_6583150521264024342_n

By two in the afternoon I decided to go back to the port and head to Iloilo to visit Miag-ao Church. I didn’t try island hopping and there were a lot of places that I missed upon visiting the island; but who cares? Guimaras taught me the last and probably the most important lesson to every traveler – to travel not for traveler’s sake. Traveling is not a competition. I am at my own pace. As one of my favorite blogger says it, “The journey to finding yourself and growing up is harsh, painful, exhilarating, heartbreaking and confusing all at the same time. There’s never a certain answer. Nobody’s got life figured out. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. Be a child. Make beautiful mistakes. Pick yourself up from adversary. Be a person full of love. And live like every day is the first day of your life.”

Cheers to my Jordan year! To more random trips this year!


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