Untangling Worries, Sewing the Dreams

Tatakmakajibi Photoshoot (c) Dakilanglaagan

Adulting is as hard as defining it. It is a process of accepting that playtime is over and life has to be taken to a different level. It comes in various forms and happens without prior notice. But most notably, it would force people to leave the comforts and habits of mundane life.

I felt quite adamant these past few days thanks to Pierre’s inquiry: What would you become right now had you not taken your course in college? Would you still become a hiker? A blogger? I could have graduated Masters by now. I would have written highly academic articles and produce researches that would soon find themselves on the shelves where no one dares to read. And probably, the chances of meeting people who would change my views about life, culture, and the country would be very low. Traveling has become an essential part of my life; and thanks to such, I’ve meet a great friend who has chosen to follow a different trail, alternate to mine.

Who is Javy Manayon?

Javy, Jey Sotto (HMU), and respective models (c) Dakilanglaagan

We all have that one friend whose name we use when we ask permission from our parents. In the Philippine setting, tagging along names of people whom your parents are familiar with brings a sense of relief and assurance to them. This was Javy to me. But after several major hikes together, I have realized that he’s more than just a “tag along”. When you are confronted with hunger, altitude sickness, and exhaustion, you begin to share personal things with your fellow hikers – dreams, aspirations, frustrations, and even failed love stories. In our circle, we have always been fascinated with Javy’s dream of making his own clothing line and starting his boutique. In this ever competitive world, it wouldn’t be that easy. However, even the word impossible has the word ‘possible’ on it.

How he did he sew his dreams?

Like giving up Masters to pursue traveling, Javy stopped joining our hikes. He would occasionally comment of our photos and seldom join plans, but more often decline from invitations. Aside from that, he finally handed in his resignation letter to the institution where he spent years in working. It took a lot of pondering, of reflection… after all, leaving the comforts is difficult, but more than anything else… it’s necessary.


Photo credit: Amski (CMS Admin) taken using Huawei P10
Photo credit: Amski (CMS Admin) taken using Huawei P10
Photo credit: Amski (CMS Admin) taken using Huawei P10
Photo credit: Amski (CMS Admin) taken using Huawei P10

What happened after?

Last Sunday, together with selected members of Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs, we were lucky enough to have the chance to photoshoot some of Javy’s works. After having won several titles for designing Mardi Gras costumes (Sinulog), gowns, and sacred garments, Javy finally launched his brand line: Tatak Makajibi: Javy Manayon Fashion Designs. The goal of the event was to feature his new creations using mobile phones; and I tell you, the results were outstanding!

Obviously, this gown took a lot of inspiration from former Ms. U, right? HAHAHA.
Goddess be chillin’ like.
Playin’ with them shadows.






Find your place guys.
Behind every perfectly captured shot are individuals like them. HAHAHA

In this limited time we have on Earth, it is difficult to get whatever we want; hence, we have to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. It took a lot of thinking, but now I’ve realized how the events in my life complemented to what I have become to this day. Had I pursue my Masters, I wouldn’t be able to scale the highest mountains of the three island groups in the country: Pulag (Luzon), Kanlaon (Visayas), and Apo (Mindanao); I wouldn’t be able to publish a book, get nominated as one of Globe’s best bloggers, and get invited to share valuable experiences learned from traveling and hiking. But most importantly, I wouldn’t see life beyond the four walls of the classroom: the destruction of the environment, people who have been working to make the society a better place, and prove myself of the things I am capable of doing. No, I’m not ditching my studies, but for now, I’ll allow fate to take part of this journey and hopefully one day… like Javy I’ll find something worth giving up. For the meantime, let’s cut our doubts, sew the dream, and design our future.

The whole crew. Guess who is who. HAHA
Photo op with Chasing Potatoes. Missin’ our third sister who’s chasing bebe boys by this time HAHAHAHA.

Thanks CMS admins, members, models, and guests for making this event a success!

For inquiries, feel free to contact Javy Manayon on Facebook.