But a Memory…

We got older now. We have grown to understand why it never worked for us. (c) Dakilanglaagan

Our eyes met and for the first time, smiling back at you became natural. It’s as if nothing happened between us. Or was there? It felt funny looking back at those silly moments now. No wonder, I still find it difficult to share “our story” to my dear friends no matter how hard they try to choke me. HAHA. Come to think of it, there was never a story to begin with. Ours was just a sheer of mischief and curiosity that resulted to a crazy interaction. And before we knew it, we got tired of each other and decided to end it.

But fate played an interesting twist. After four years, our paths crossed once again and lulled us into the same area of interest – which then resulted to more frequent meetings. It felt awkward at first, like duh, but eventually we got used to it. Now, I’m beginning to wonder how the people around us would react had they known our past. HAHA. Well, I guess no one would believe it. You? Me? Technically, two worlds apart. But then again, we all do crazy things when were younger. Ours was part of it.

I’m writing this to keep a memory of the other day – when our eyes met and a smile eventually got painted on our faces. We got older now. We have grown to understand why it never worked for us. Now, we have to come to realize that not all those that “ended” didn’t live happily ever after.


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