That thing called GROUP PROJECT

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It’s funny how most of the things that interests us eventually die the moment we finish school – say sports, arts, music, and all the other non-academics. The moment we start to work, we totally get consumed with the tasks that needed to be done, forgetting that once upon a time we were choir members, basketball players, drum corps, dance troupe, debaters, chess and scrabble masters, and student leaders. Good thing for those who have pursued such passion, but many would agree that very few of those written in the class prophecy have been actualized. But I’m not going to talk about failed aspirations here, rather, of the things that we have actually missed doing – for instance group projects.

Waking up to more than a hundred messages. HAHAHA (c) Dakilanglaagan

Last Saturday, through a random exchange of ideas on what to do over the weekend, the Titos (click here to get to know them) came up with an idea of hiking again. Sadly, because of a prior commitment, only CJ, Reymund, and Kevin were able to push through with the plan. Nevertheless, we made ourselves present during their hike because of the brainstorming we had in the group chat.

The crew (plus Idolwanderer on cam)

The initial plan was to do a backtrail of the original Babag-Campo Cuatro traverse however because of time constraint and steepness of the trail, Cj suggested a chill hike to Sirao Peak. This then led to a series of suggestions on what to do for the vlog. It was primarily intended to make a video on the signs of being a Tito, but the turn of events resulted to this:

It later dawned to me how we have actually missed doing group projects now that we are working. Though bothersome for others, those theses we cram to finish, role plays we hated to portray, reports we unequally divided, and mediocre written output we pushed to submit, produced amongst us the ability to coherently weave ideas, put them into realization, and instill values that are necessary for survival. Dealing with all sorts of people – funny, lazy, procrastinator, frustrated leaders, and you – enabled us to build a character that would later on create an environment of synergy in order to accomplish something… hopefully for the better.




I hope your working environment is allowing you to collaborate. Cliché for some, but there is actually wisdom in the old adage that goes: two heads are better than one. Do not stress yourself in doing all things: ask that internet-savvy friend of yours to do the research, assign the photographer to do the list of OOTD and what to bring for the trip, allow others to volunteer to do the booking, and tap that OC friend to make the itinerary. Not because you are the organizer, you also have to run all errands. Delegate tasks and allow your friends (colleagues) to grow as well.

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Let’s see how we can help each other on trails? See you!

PS. Itinerary for Budlaan-Sirao Peak here.

PSS. Special thanks to CJ, Idol CEO, Kevin, Fel, and other sidekicks for the undying support. 😘😘😘